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Is Cinematic Mode Coming to iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Is Cinematic Mode Coming to iPhone 12 Pro Max

At the Apple California Streaming Event on September 14, the Cupertino-based giant showed the impressive Cinematic Mode of the new iPhone 13 series. The better video Portrait Mode has now landed on the iPhone 13 Series as the new Cinematic Mode.

What’s Cinematic Mode?

Cinematic Mode is specially designed for content creators who love to record Cinematic videos from iPhone to avoiding heavy camera use. It allows users to record video with depth effect and dynamic focus transitions automatically to create movie-like cinematic content.

Once you start recording videos using Cinematic Mode, the device will track a moving person. When a new person enters the frame, the Cinematic Mode shifts the focus automatically, or you can use a finger tap to change focus while recording.

Is Cinematic Mode Coming to iPhone 12 Pro Max?

No, Cinematic Mode is not available for iPhone 12 Pro Max or any other older iPhone as Apple specially build this feature for iPhone 13 series. Many users think that iOS 15 will bring Cinematic Mode for iPhone 12 models. But that’s not right because the iPhone 13 series has a new A15 Bionic Chip to take the load of Cinematic Mode, which uses depth data to record video in 1080p at 30FPS.

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If you want to use the new Cinematic Mode, you should move to the new iPhone 13 series. Cinematic Mode is available on all four iPhone 13 models. It also supports Dolby Vision HDR.

Do you think Cinematic Mode is the real charm of the new iPhone 13 series? Please share your feedback in the comment box.

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