Is ChatGPT App Free For iOS?

By Betty

Every couple of weeks, the internet goes wild over a new trend, and recently, the spotlight has been on ChatGPT. This remarkable AI tool has managed to captivate the internet and become a leading trend, capturing the world’s attention.

Despite its growing popularity and rave reviews, ChatGPT is not without its flaws, which have raised concerns about its use and authenticity. While technology analysts believe that ChatGPT’s intervention will completely revolutionize our online experience, the New York public schools have already implemented a ban on its usage.

In other news, Microsoft is currently in negotiations for a $10 billion investment in the company responsible for developing this chatbot.

Is ChatGPT free for iOS?

Considering the immense popularity the platform has gained in such a short period of time, it’s understandable that people are curious about payment options.

Is ChatGPT free for iOS? The short answer is yes. Accessing this chatbot powered by machine learning doesn’t require any payment. You don’t have to worry about any costs associated with OpenAI’s text generator. It is completely free and something you don’t need to be concerned about.

However, it’s worth noting that certain unauthorized third-party iOS apps are taking advantage of the ChatGPT trend and charging subscription fees as high as $7.99 per week.

Are the ChatGPT Third-party apps worth it?

With the rage of excitement filling in the current realm of the ChatGPT era, it isn’t surprising that people are now cashing in on the trend by releasing third-party apps based on this concept.

There is a sudden avalanche of mobile applications popping in on the App Store. But, you have to understand that none of these applications have any affiliation with OpenAI.

Most of these third-party applications are based on the concept of ChatGPT but they lack the authentication of OpenAI. Some are charging a recurring and upward fee each month for the services, which isn’t the case when you use the original ChatGPT released by OpenAI.

Is OpenAI Working on an iOS app?

According to rumors, OpenAI is working on an iOS app powered by ChatGPT, as released in a statement by Jason Calacanis. According to Calacanis, he is currently beta testing the said app.

However, there are no further inputs or information about the eventual release of the ChatGPT-enabled apps for iOS yet.

Until and unless OpenAI releases an official app, we’d recommend steering away from unauthorized and unofficial apps.


ChatGPT has become a global phenomenon, captivating the internet and gaining immense popularity in a short span of time. While it has raised concerns about its authenticity and usage, the platform remains free for iOS users who can access it without any payment.

However, unauthorized third-party apps have taken advantage of the trend and are charging subscription fees for their services. These apps lack the authentication of OpenAI and are not recommended.

There are rumors of OpenAI working on an official iOS app powered by ChatGPT, but no official release has been confirmed yet. Until then, it is advisable to avoid unofficial apps and await the official release from OpenAI.

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