How To Fix “iPhone doesn’t ring for incoming calls”

Devendra Chande

Have you ever missed an important call because your iPhone wasn’t ringing? This can be a difficult experience, especially if you rely on your phone to communicate with friends, family, and co-workers.Fortunately, this problem can be fixed with just a few simple steps. In this blog post, we’ll go through some of the most common causes of this issue and guide you through some solutions and fixes to help you get your iPhone ringing again for incoming calls.

What are the common causes of iPhone not ringing for incoming calls?

There are many possible reasons why your iPhone is not ringing for incoming calls. The most common of them is you might have put your device in Do Not Disturb mode or your device is on silent. Other than that we should also consider the possibility of your speaker getting broken, or might be some dirt that has jammed your speaker. Another reason could be that you might have blocked the phone number or silenced all the unknown callers, which is why specific calls don’t ring. You need to also check whether the headphone is connected or not otherwise you won’t be able to hear any incoming calls on your iPhone.

How To Fix “iPhone doesn’t ring for incoming calls”?

·         Remove your device from silent mode:

The first thing you should do is check the Ring – Silent switch on the side of your iPhone. When you set the switch to silent mode, your phone will not ring for incoming calls. To restore the ringtone, simply flip the switch back to the “ring” position.

·         Disable calls on other device:

In iPhone, we have the option to receive calls on other Apple devices such as mac. So, whenever you receive a call, it will be directed toward your Mac device and your iPhone will not have any incoming call ringtone. It is advisable to disable the feature to check if the issue is fixed or not. In your settings app go to the phone, click on calls on other device and toggle off the feature.

·         Adjust the Volume:

Make sure your iPhone’s volume is turned up. The volume on your iPhone may be adjusted using the buttons on the side. There will be no ringtones or notifications if the volume is cranked all the way down.

·         Disable Do Not Disturb:

The Do Not Disturb mode is another typical cause of the iPhone not ringing for incoming calls. When used, this mode mutes all calls, text messages, and notifications.

·         Disable silent unknown callers:

You might have enabled these features to keep yourself away from spammers and bot calls. If this is enabled then you won’t hear incoming calls ringing from the numbers that you have not saved on your device. There is no harm in trying to disable this feature and checking if your issue is been solved.

·         Restart Your iPhone:

Restarting your iPhone might sometimes assist alleviate the issue of your phone not ringing for incoming calls. Press and hold the power button until the “slide to power off” slider displays to restart your iPhone. When your iPhone has finished shutting down, tap the power button again to restart it.

·         Reset your iPhone:

If none of the preceding procedures have worked, you might try resetting your iPhone. This will wipe out all of your data and settings, so make a backup of your iPhone before starting. To reset your iPhone, open the Settings app, then pick “General,” followed by “Reset.” Select “Erase All Content and Settings” from the menu that appears.

To Conclude:

If none of the above given fixes work then you might want to consider taking help from the Apple help care center. You can either ping them online and have a chat about your problem or can even go to the nearby Apple care center and discuss your issue so the necessary steps to fix this issue can be taken.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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