How to fix iPhone Alarms not going off


The iPhone is the best device any user can have. With so many functions and features, you can rest assured that most of your tasks can easily be handled with just an iPhone. One such incredible application that iPhone has got is to wake you up on Monday morning to get started with a routine through its alarm.

But often the iPhone alarm can have some issues. You might be running out of time and your alarm has somehow managed to wake you up but now not going off can be trouble too then you should take some preventive measures. If you are not sure how to deal with such a problem then here are a few things that you must consider.

1.     Do some Volume settings:

This may seem to be the easy solution but skipping it does not make sense. You might want to make sure that it is done carefully. Make sure you turn the volume of the phone using the up button that is located on the side of the phone. This way alarm volume will not be increased. iPhone offers the feature of controlling different sounds set with the same button. You may have to also change the setting section for which, go in the settings and the sound section tap on the sound and haptic. You need to make sure the altar and ringer slider is set at the volume you can bear.

You can also see the option of change with a button that you need to disable so the Volume of the alarm does not change even if the system volume gets changed.

2.     Creating the settings of iPhone Alarms Again

Some users of the iPhone have even suggested one efficient solution to the problem of alarms not going off and that is why deleting all the alarms at first. This could be one of the legitimate ideas by which the problem can be resolved. To ensure all the alarms are deleted, you need to find out in the app of the clock section and tab on the alarm section.

Memorize any particular alarm that you want to create again. Then click on the edit section that you can see in the top left-hand area and then delete all the alarms. This can simply be done by tapping on the icon in red color located on every alarm side.

Once you do this, you can then create the alarm that you want with the help of the button located on the top right-hand side. Make sure you set it on repeat mode if you need this alarm to wake you every day at that specific time.

3.     iOS Version must be out of date:

At times, there could be an interference of the iOS that is disturbing your whole alarm system and which is why your iPhone may not be functioning well. If that is the case, then you should check the last time when your iPhone got updated with the latest iOS. If it is not then you need to solve the issue by actually downloading and installing the latest iOS version for your iPhone. This could increase the chances of solving the problem of the alarm not going off.

The reason why the iOS version is advised is that the iPhone app of the clock consists of the bedtime setting. This is one short-lived function present in iOS that allows you to set the sleeping schedule and also the alarm. But if it had some problem like a bug has caused the issue then chances are high that the alarm may not function properly. If your phone still has got this feature then update your phone with the latest iOS version and resolve the problem.

4.     iPhone needs a reboot

For any issue may be your iPhone is not functioning smoothly or there seems to be a frequent hang issue then the common practice that you must follow is to restart the phone. It is not just applicable to your iPhone but any kind of technology that shows some minor issues. You can restart your iPhone by simply holding the down button for a long time till you can see the option of power off on the screen. Slide and your phone will restart on its own. You can then check if your alarm issue of not going off is resolved or not.


Just like any other device, your iPhone may come across some minor issues like the Alarm may not go off. But that does not mean, you have to take it to the repair area the very first time. Rather, try out the options shared above and see if the problem gets resolved.

Despite all your attempts if the problem does not get solved then this could be a software issue and for this, you may have to take it to the resolution centre. The experts can then give you a good solution and you would be able to use your iPhone alarm feature again.

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