What Are Songs in iPhone 15 Commercial?

Devendra Chande

The iPhone 15 series was launched by Apple in September 2023, and the tech giant has released several memorable commercials to promote the new phone. Music plays a key role in grabbing attention and conveying the intended message in these ads. Let’s take a look at some of the popular songs featured in iPhone 15 commercials.

“Way Too Long” by Doe Boy

One of the most talked-about iPhone 15 ads is the 30-second spot titled “Miss You”, which highlights the long battery life of the iPhone 15 Plus model. In this ad, a sentient power outlet sings lyrics from the song “Way Too Long” by American rapper Doe Boy.

The lyrics “At night I remember when you and I were inseparable” and “I can’t wait ’til we reconnect” fit the storyline of the outlet missing the chance to charge the iPhone 15 Plus, which can last over a day on a single charge. This quirky personification succeeded in grabbing attention and driving home the messaging around battery life.

“Karangailyg Kara Hovaa (Dyngyldai)” by Yat-Kha

The Russian folk-rock band Yat-Kha’s 1995 song was featured in the launch commercial for the iPhone 15 Pro titanium model. The unique throat-singing vocals and energetic instrumentation likely made it an appealing and memorable choice to pair with footage of the new premium iPhone.

Fun fact – Yat-Kha translates to “whiskey” in the Tuvan language spoken in Siberia. The use of this song added a cool, exotic vibe to the ad showcasing the titanium material used in the new iPhone Pro models.

“Wow” by Team Salut & Düki Tran

Apple featured the dance track “Wow” by British-African producer duo Team Salut and Vietnamese artist Düki Tran in one of the early ads for the iPhone 15 series. Released in 2021, this vibrant, upbeat song matches the energy and excitement often associated with new product launches.

Team Salut has produced hits for major stars like Wizkid and Burna Boy. Their signature fusion sound combining electronic, pop and African influences offers something fresh yet accessible to a global audience.

“Get Him Back” by Olivia Rodrigo

Pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo released a music video for her song “Get Him Back” that was entirely shot on the iPhone 15 Pro. Apple soon dropped a “Shot on iPhone 15 Pro” behind-the-scenes ad starring the Grammy-winning singer.

At just 20 years old, Rodrigo is one of the biggest young stars in music today. Pairing her with the iPhone 15 Pro gave Apple’s ad a youthful energy that resonated with younger demographics. It also positioned the iPhone as a versatile creative tool for artists.

This strategic partnership generated buzz in both tech and entertainment media, demonstrating how the right musical artist can attract attention for a product beyond commercials alone.


From emotional ballads to upbeat dance tracks, the songs featured in iPhone 15 ads run the gamut when it comes to musical styles. By teaming the new iPhones with catchy tunes by contemporary acts like Doe Boy and Olivia Rodrigo, Apple created memorable commercials that made an impression on viewers and listeners.

The synergistic pairings of music and product effectively conveyed specific selling points like battery life or creative capabilities. As Apple continues marketing the iPhone 15 series, audiences can likely expect more hit songs to back its promotional campaigns.

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