iPhone 13 Is Coming With These Aesthetic Colors


The smaller notch and 120Hz display are the most rumored features of the next iPhone 13. We are expecting a bigger battery from Apple’s iPhone 2021 models. Also, we can’t wait to see iPhone 13 with multiple colors.

As the iPhone 13 release day is coming around, many rumors come around about the next iPhone and iOS system. Well, Apple has already announced the release date of iOS 15. But iPhone 13 launch date is still unknown.

There is no single statement about iPhone 13 from the Apple side, but people and most trustworthy blogs claim that we could see iPhone 13 in November just like they revealed iPhone 12.

From June, people will test iOS 15 as a beta to know what Apple is bringing in the next iPhone 13. So the developer will have enough time to know what massive things are coming with iPhone 13.

But they will not know which color Apple will bring with iPhone 13. Last, with iPhone 12, Apple brings five colors like deep blue, minty green, red, white, and black. But now, with iPhone 13, we will see more colors like Pink, Sky Blue, Ruby, and Purple color.

This year, Apple will add four more new colors to its iPhone 13 and like deep blue, minty green, red, white, and black. At the launch of iPhone 13, the company will introduce four iPhone 13 models: iPhone 13 Mini with 5.4-inch, iPhone 13 with 6.1 –inch, iPhone 13 Pro with 6.1-inch, and iPhone 13 Pro Max with 6.7-inch size. The higher iPhone 13 Pro Max to have new Rose Pink and Ruby color option.

iPhone 13 Purple Color
iPhone 13 Ruby Color
iPhone 13 Sky Blue Color
iPhone 13 Rose Pink Color

As the news hit the social media platforms about the iPhone 13 with a Pink color option, many users took Twitter to share the happiness about Pink iPhone 13. Most Apple fans love the pink color variant of the iPhone 13. Even many shared some memes regarding the new pink color option.

Not just pink iPhone 13, we are also excited about the first iPhone with a 120Hz display from Samsung. I guess the great display with great design and color will be charming compare to older iPhone models.

Have you checked the new iPhone 13 color options? If no, then we have here some pictures. Once after checking the new colors of iPhone 13, which color do you still miss and want to see from Apple? Which color do you wish to dump? If you have anything to share about the new color options of iPhone, share with other readers with the help of the comment box and us.

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