How To Enable iPhone 12 Wifi Calling

Devendra Chande

Having a bad cellular network in your area? Why don’t you try wifi calling on your iPhone 12? Wifi calling helps you to call someone over Wifi instead of the mobile network. Wifi calling is really helpful when you have a bad network connection. Wifi calling helps you to call and receive calls with better networks.

If you are connected to wifi and the wifi calling is activated on your device then there are fewer chances of missing any call due to network issues. In this article how you can enable wifi calling on your iPhone 12 and how you can place a call and receive a call on iPhone 12 using wifi calling feature.

Steps To Enable wifi calling on iPhone 12

You can follow the below steps to enable the wifi calling option on iPhone 12 quickly

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Phone option
  3. Click on Wifi Calling under Calls section
  4. Enable the toggle for Wifi Calling on this iPhone option

Troubleshooting wifi calling on iPhone 12

If you have enabled wifi calling on your iPhone 12 but still you are not able to make calls over wifi network or receive calls then you can follow the below methods to troubleshoot.

Software Update

Your device should have updated iOS to make and receive wifi calls. If you are having issues in making wifi calls then you should check if your device has updated iOS. To check and update iOS on your device you can follow the below steps:

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone
  • Click on General
  • Click on Software Update
  • If your device does not have updated software then it will show an option, Download and Install. You can click on it to install the latest iOS

Restart iPhone 12

If iOS is also updated and still you are not able to access wifi calling on your device then you can try restarting your device and check if you can now enable and access wifi calling on your device.

Check Your Router

There can be an issue with your router also if you can’t access wifi callings. You need to check the router settings as well to make sure that you have access to wifi callings on your device. It is really important to cross-check the router in your home is working and you need to verify that the internet connection at your home or office is working properly. To check that, you can start Safari on your iPhone and open a website. You can try rebooting your router to troubleshoot your router.

 Restore to Factory Settings

If you have tried all the above methods and nothing is working for you, then the last option that you have is to factory reset the device. It is important to note that this solution will erase all the data from your iPhone12. So make sure you have a backup of all the data of your device before you proceed with this option.

Bottom Line

Wifi calling is really an easy and reliable way to make calls and to be connected to all your friends and family and office colleagues. You can use this this feature on iPhone 12 to make the best use of your device.

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