iOS App Store Promo Code and Apple Gift Card: How to Find and Redeem Them on Your iPhone


When you’re ready to download a new iOS app or an item from the iTunes Store, you may find that it has an option to redeem a special promo code before proceeding with the download. Such promo codes are offered as an incentive to all users and, many times, they are exclusively for loyal users.

Similarly, an option to redeem an Apple Gift Card is also available when purchasing an app or any Apple service. Many users think that iOS App Store promo codes and Apple Gift Cards are similar items, but they are not. There are several differences between them.

There are a variety of benefits to using promo codes when downloading apps on your iPhone. You get access to new apps that aren’t free for everyone, you support developers who develop useful apps, and in some cases, you can even get an app for free instead of paying the standard price so that you can begin using great new apps right away!

This article will help explain what iOS app promo codes and Apple Gift Cards are and why they are often required before downloading certain applications. It also explains how to find and redeem an app promo code on your iPhone and the potential differences between these two.

Apple Gift Card vs. iOS App Store Promo Code: What Are the Differences?

There are many differences between App Store Promo Codes and Apple Gift Cards. App Store promo codes are like discount deals such as AliExpress offers 2022 and Amazon coupon codes that are offered to get discounts on various products, while Apple Gift Cards are like an alternative to cash in the form of a code that can be redeemed exclusively on the related platform (here, Apple services like Apple Music, iCloud, and more).

One of the main differences is that App Store promotions codes are typically used for discounted or free apps in the App Store, while gift cards can be used to purchase any product in the store.

App Store Promo Codes offer a shorter redemption period than an App Gift Card. In addition, the value of an App Store Promo Code is settled at its point of purchase, while the value of an Apple Gift Card is considered a gift card and can be redeemed for any amount up to its balance.

App Store Promo Codes are usually only available for a limited time, whereas gift cards can be purchased at any time of the year.

Another difference is that promo codes often have a limit on how many people can redeem the code and get it, while gift cards do not have these limits.

What Is an iOS App Store Promo Code?

An iOS app store promo code is a promotional code that can be redeemed on the Apple App Store. These codes are usually given away as freebies by marketers to promote their apps and games. They can also be used by developers to get early access to apps or games before they are publicly available on the App Store.

Promotional codes are a great way for businesses to promote their apps and provide discounts for users who use them. They can also be used in marketing campaigns. It is basically a voucher code that can be redeemed on the App Store to get money off the purchase of an app or in-app purchase.

It can also be used to reward loyal users and entice them to try out new, non-free apps. Unless you enter the promo code, some paid apps won’t be available, and most free apps will require a promo code to unlock additional functions.

How to Find the iOS App Promo Code for an App

You can find many places where you can find iOS App Store promo codes online. You can use the search function on Google to find the best place for your needs. Most developers try to promote their new apps on app review websites, social media, and coupon sites.

These are some common places to look at. However, many times, you may also get such promo codes in your emails. Since developers also use such promotional codes in conjunction with other marketing strategies like social media advertising, email marketing, and so on, you are likely to receive such promo codes if you have signed up.

How To Redeem The iOS App Store Promo Code

When you find the code for an app, you should read the fine print on how and when you can redeem the code. Here’s how to redeem an iOS App Store promo code:

Step #1 – Launch the App Store

Step #2 – Open Your Profile

Find your profile photo at the top-right corner of the App Store and tap on it.

Step #3 – Select Redeem Gift Card or Code

Just tap on this option and a new window will appear on the screen.

Step #4 – Select the “Enter Code” Option

Once you tap it, you have to select “You can enter the code manually,” and type in the promo code. Within a while, your promo code will be validated by the App Store.

It’s done! If your promo code has been accepted by the Apple App Store, you can use it to buy a particular app you want to download.

What is an Apple Gift Card?

An Apple gift card is a digital gift card that can be redeemed for Apple’s products, services, and digital content. Apple Gift Cards are perfect for the person who wants to treat their friends or family members to something they will love. With a variety of denominations and an attractive design, Apple Gift Cards make the perfect gift for any occasion.

Apple gift cards are available in denominations of $15, $25, $50, $75, and $100. They can be purchased at retail stores throughout the United States and many other countries. It is tied to your iTunes account and can be used to purchase apps, music, movies, books, and more from the Apple App Store.

Apple gift cards are a great way to manage your spending and have more control over your budget. As stated, Apple has these cards available in a variety of denominations, and you can use them to help manage spending by setting a spending limit for yourself. This is a great way to help people who are trying to save money on their phone bill or monthly service fees!

How to Buy an Apple Gift Card?

An Apple gift card is a type of gift card that can be purchased from Apple stores or other retailers that sell the product. The card can then be redeemed for Apple services available on Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, but it cannot be used to buy anything else.

The easiest way to purchase an Apple gift card is through There, you will find a corresponding section for the device or service that you are looking to purchase and a list of available denominations. You can then choose one of those denominations and use it accordingly.

However, keep in mind that such gift cards are region-specific. For example, if you buy an Apple gift card in the USA, it can’t be redeemed in an Apple App Store in the UK. Thus, make sure that you have a gift card that is valid in your country.

How to Redeem an Apple Gift Card on Your iPhone?

If you have an Apple gift card, you can redeem it from your iPhone to add funds to your iTunes account. This is a great way to quickly add money to your account without having to log into iTunes on your computer. Here’s how to do it:

Step #1 – Launch the App Store

Step #2 – Open Your Profile

Find your profile photo at the top-right corner of the App Store and tap on it.

Step #3 – Select “Redeem Gift Card or Code”

Just tap on this option and a new window will appear on the screen.

Step #4 – Select “Enter Code” or “Use Camera” Option

If you have the gift card with you, you can use your camera to scan the card directly. However, if you have bought it online, you can enter the code.

Once you have successfully done it and the App Store has validated the gift card, you can use it to purchase an Apple Music subscription or any other Apple service and even buy apps and games.


Now you know the differences between Apple gift cards and App Store promo codes. In countries like India, Apple has stopped accepting payments from credit cards and debit cards to purchase subscriptions of various services, so buying a gift could be the best solution.

On the other hand, App Store promo codes are not available everywhere to buy anytime. These are very rare to find, so keep an eye on your favorite developers. If you have any queries regarding this, tell us in the comment section below.

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