Best iOS App Builder Free: Create Mobile Apps Without Coding


Mobile apps are common today as they are essential to everyone’s life. It helps to manage work and personal routines properly. Thousands of finance management, health, reminder, and many useful apps are available. Since it has become an essential part of our life, many iPhone users want to develop apps with the iOS app builder for free.

However, hiring a professional and experienced developer team to design the new app is a very tough job. It will also cost a hefty amount. Thankfully, many free iOS app builders are available for iPhone users to design the new app from iPhone. Let’s check on each app.

List Of Best iOS App Builder Free

1. Appy Pie

Appy Pie’s AI app builder is a versatile tool that enables you to create mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms, as well as web applications. Appy Pie offers flexible pricing plans, allowing you to choose features and functionalities that align with your budget and requirements.

2. Flipabit

Flipabit is a free no-code platform that empowers you to create mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Its intuitive app builder and customizable template make the process of creating mobile applications surprisingly easy. Yyou can include ads or in-app payments to monetize your app within a couple of minutes. The best part is that the app you create using Flipabit is completely yours and autonomous.

3. Mobiroller

Mobiroller’s app builder is an excellent choice for creating mobile apps for both Android and iOS without any coding knowledge. It has more than 1,750,000 customizable templates and features that you can add to your app, giving you never-ending possibilities for customization. Mobiroller’s app builder is user-friendly and even provides a free trial period of 14 days to explore its capabilities.

4. iGenapps

If you own an iPhone and want to create a stunning app without code or technical skills, iGenapps is the perfect app builder for you. With iGenapps, you can set up and publish a visually appealing app in minutes. It offers an affordable and straightforward solution for creating apps, even if you have no prior experience. Design, choose, create, and publish your own app without any programming knowledge.

5. AppInstitute

AppInstitute’s app builder allow users to design the new app quickly with ease, without the need to write a single line of code. It offers an spontaneous app maker that is easy to use and comes pre-loaded with templates that are perfectly tailored to fit your business needs. By selecting your business type, you can get started with creating your app right away. AppInstitute offers a free trial with no credit card required.

6. Andromo

Andromo is a premium app building platform that allows you to create professional Android and iOS apps without any coding. Its no-code iOS and Android native app development platform gives you the freedom to build an unlimited number of apps. With Andromo, you can also monetize content apps using top ad networks and even create an online store app. It offers a free trial without the need for a credit card.


In this giant tech world, it has become so easy for an average person to create a new app or a website with the help of many third-party apps and website tools. Among the above free iOS app builders, which platform do you find more accessible and better? Do you know any other best iOS app free builder better than the above? Feel free to drop your feedback in the comment box.

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