How to Fix iOS 17 Wallpaper Blur


Apple’s new iOS 17 update has some innovative and useful features. This new update allows users to create an aesthetic wallpaper design on the home and lock screen. However, many users are unhappy with the iOS 17 as it makes wallpaper blurry.

Even some users tried to turn off the wallpaper blur effect on iOS 17, but it is still working from them. iOS 17 applies a subtle blur to the upper part of the lock screen wallpaper to enhance the visibility of app icons and text. This is particularly useful when utilizing bright or flashy wallpapers, ensuring the information displayed on the lock screen remains clear and legible. Thankfully, we have some working solutions that can help to fix the iOS 17 wallpaper blur issue.

Tips to Avoid Wallpaper Blur Impact on IOS 17

To mitigate the impact of the wallpaper blur effect, follow these tips:

  • Opt for wallpapers with light backgrounds as the blur is less noticeable on such wallpapers.
  • Steer clear of wallpapers with excessive text or intricate details at the top of the image to minimize the blurring effect.
  • Use wallpapers with solid colors or simple patterns to maintain clarity on the lock screen.
  • Live wallpapers remain unblurred and retain their original appearance on the lock screen.

How to fix Wallpaper Blur Issues on iOS 17

If you find the wallpaper blur effect too intense and wish to alleviate the problem, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Wallpaper > Customize > Blur on the Home Screen. Toggle off the “Background Blur” option to disable the effect.
  2. Sometimes, a simple restart can help resolve the intensity of the wallpaper blur effect.
  3. If the “Reduce Transparency” option is enabled, it might affect wallpaper visibility. Disable it through Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Reduce Transparency.

By employing these steps, you can regain clarity and improve the visual appeal of your wallpapers on iOS 17.


While iOS 17’s wallpaper blur effect is intended to enhance the visibility of app icons and text, some users may find it too intense for their liking. However, the above article will be helpful to get rid of wallpaper blur in iOS 17 issue as it worked for many users.  By choosing suitable wallpapers and applying the provided solutions, you can minimize the blur’s impact and achieve a more desirable appearance for your lock screen. If you know any other method to fix the issue, share with us in the comment box.

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