iOS 17 Supported Devices List

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Every iPhone fan is currently on the lookout for the list of devices compatible with iOS 17, as they are eager to test the upcoming iOS 17 beta. Just a few months ago, iOS 16 was released, and Apple users are already filled with anticipation for the launch of iOS 17.

Based on Apple’s history of releasing updates, iOS 17 is expected to be available in the autumn of 2023. However, it is anticipated that the tech giant will announce the next version of iOS at the company’s WWDC 2023 event in June.

iOS 16 introduced a plethora of new features, which means iOS 17 will need to surpass those expectations. Although the specific features included in the next update have not been revealed yet, there are speculations that it will offer more lock screen widgets, enhancements to iMessage, access to third-party app stores, and other improvements.

When will iOS 17 be released?

Apple is expected to announce the next iOS update in June, during which iOS 17 will be accessible through the company’s Beta Software Program. To access the update, users must be enrolled in the mentioned program.

Following the beta phase, iOS 17 will be officially released and made available to all Apple users. However, the specific release date is currently unknown. Typically, Apple introduces new updates in September, so unless they deviate from their usual release pattern, we can anticipate iOS 17 to be launched in September 2023.

Similar to previous iOS updates, iOS 17 will be provided to all Apple users free of charge.

iOS 17 Supported Devices

Apple has a reputation for providing long-term software support for its devices. It is expected that iOS 17 will be compatible with the following devices:

  • iPhone 14/iPhone 14 Plus/iPhone 14 Pro/iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 Mini/iPhone 13/iPhone 13 Pro/iPhone 13 Pro Ma
  • iPhone 12 Mini/iPhone 12 Pro/iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11/iPhone 11 Pro Max/iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone Xs/iPhone Xs Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone SE (3rd and 2nd generation)

The new iPhone models that will be released this year will also support iOS 17. Generally, Apple provides software support to devices that are not older than 5 years. This means iPhone 8 series and older models will no longer be eligible for iOS 17.

Features Included In iOS 17

All the recent iOS updates from Apple have come with major changes. For instance, iOS 16 came with a bunch of new features. We expect Apple to continue the trend with iOS 17 as well.

As of now, Apple has not revealed anything about iOS 17. However, rumors suggest that the next iOS update will have the following features.

  • Interactive widgets

Widgets are useful as they provide information at a glance. iOS 17 is expected to add more new widgets.

  • Lock screen widgets

iOS 16 allows you to have two large widgets and four small ones on the lock screen. It would be great if iOS 17 supported more widgets on the lock screen.

  • Call recording

Android users have been using this feature for ages. This is one of the most requested features by users. We hope Apple adds the call recording option in the iOS 17 update.

  • Split screen

iPhone supports multitasking, but it doesn’t have a split-screen option for apps. It is speculated that iOS 17 might include such a feature.

  • Third-party app stores

As per sources, Apple is planning to allow users to access third-party app stores in iOS 17. This feature will be very helpful for users as they will no longer have to jailbreak their devices.

  • Dual apps

This is an interesting feature that allows you to “clone” apps so that you can create two separate profiles. For example, you can have two WhatsApp accounts on a single device.

  • iMessage redesign

As per verified sources, Apple might give a new look to iMessage. The tech giant plans to redesign iMessage for a better user experience.

  • Shorter Siri phrase

It is reported that Apple is planning to shorten Siri’s listen phrase by dropping the “Hey” part.

Final Thoughts

The official release date of iOS 17 is not announced yet. However, it can be expected to arrive by Fall 2023. We will get to know more about iOS 17 as we get closer to the launch date. Users have high hopes for the next iOS update.

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