iOS 17 Rumors, Features & Release Date


Apple has taken the world up by storm with the release of iOS 16, introducing a variety of customization features and specifications that the users have been waiting for all this while. So, it isn’t surprising that Apple has a lot of expectations to live up to.

Despite the diversity of features in iOS 16, there are a handful of specifications that the users have been expecting. From the battery percentage to lock screen customizations, the iOS 16 has introduced a variety of features that no one expected.

This article will explore all that you need to know about iOS 17, including the rumors, release date, and expected features.

When is iOS 17 Releasing?

Apple is consistent with releasing new software each year. If they follow suit with that tradition, we can very well expect them to release iOS 17 this year.

But, the question is, “When is that happening?”

Apple typically releases its updates during September. So, we can hope that the release of iOS 17 will happen around that time as well in 2023. However, the announced and official beta release will likely happen around the WWDC event in 2023, which happens in June.

Following the beta release, chances are that the iOS 17 will be released officially with the iPhone 15. However, these are just traditions that Apple has been following over the years. Whether or not things change will depend on time.

However, if we had to give you an estimated time of the release of iOS 17, it is coming out in September 2023.

What are the Expected Features of iOS 17?

Since Apple hasn’t released any kind of updates regarding the release of iOS 17, determining the actual features will be a little difficult.

Don’t worry though, we have managed to accumulate a list of all the specifications and expected features that the users can pretty much expect with the release of iOS 17.

We will get a glimpse into more of the confirmed features as we near the official release but until then, keep an eye out for the following:

Lock screen widgets – iOS 16 has introduced a variety of lock screen customizations that include different ranges of lock screen widgets. If you are expecting more customization features, there are rumors that the iOS 17 will introduce a variety of other lock screen widgets in the mix.

Interactive widgets – The introduction of iOS 17 will also include a variety of widgets that will streamline better interactions, especially for some of the most common tasks like emails, to-do lists, etc.

Split screen – A staple in recent Android devices, the introduction of a split screen is an absolute must when it comes to iOS devices. Fast App Switching is a feature that streamlines multitasking for iPhone users. However, the feature doesn’t support a split screen, which could be included with iOS 17.

Call recording – If you are a loyal iOS user, you potentially know that call recording is not an available option on iPhones. However, users have been requesting Apple to include this particular feature for the longest time and there are possibilities that the same will be available with iOS 17.

Dual apps – With this feature, iOS users will be able to clone apps so they can create two simultaneous accounts and use them independently instead of needing to switch between accounts in the same app.

Third-party app store support – This is potentially a controversial feature. However, the release of iOS 17 could bring access to third-party app stores, enabling users to download apps that aren’t officially available on the App Store.

iMessage redesign – Another rumored feature that will potentially be a staple in iOS 17 is the iMessage redesign. From the layout to the user interface, almost every part of it is getting a revamp.

Besides these features, the reports also suggest that the iOS 17 will be compatible with the newer iPhone models of iPhone 11 and above. Further updates will be available close to the release date.


That’s all we currently know about the upcoming iOS 17, its features, and the potential rumors and expectations that the users have with this new update. Whether or not Apple lives up to those expectations will be disclosed following the official release.

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