iOS17 Journal App Missing: How To Get?

Vineet Maheshwari

iOS 17 is finally out! The launch of iOS 17 did meet the user’s expectations and we cannot forget how amazing the new features are. But wait, something is missing. After updating their devices to iOS 17, users have noticed that the journal app is nowhere to be found. So where is the journal app? The Journal app became the most anticipated feature soon after its announcement and users were eagerly waiting to get their hands on the journal app. However, to their disappointment, the journal app is missing from the iOS 17 update. so how do we get this app on our iPhone, and why is it missing? Let’s have a look.

Even before the announcement of iOS 17, the rumours of the journal app had been going around far in advance. Many were eager to try the app’s enticing features, like multimedia entries and location tagging. So, hopes were high when iOS 17 was released to the general public. Users took to social media to convey their disappointment about the journal app missing from their iPhones. but why is it missing?

Why is the journal app missing on iOS 17?

Apple finally addressed the issue with an official statement, confirming the Journal app won’t debut until later this year. While disheartening for some users, Apple’s commitment to releasing a fine product is admirable. The delay likely means the app is still in the process of making, and is not yet ready to be launched.

I hope that when the app finally arrives, it will likely prove well worth this patience. But for now, users will have to find other apps for their journaling needs.

ios 17 journal app missing: How to get it?

As confirmed by Apple at WWDC 2023, Journal will be available on iPhones with iOS 17 later this year – more than likely in September, if previous iOS releases are anything to go by.  However, it seems that the Journal app might miss the initial iOS 17 rollout with the Journal page on the Apple website simply promising that it’ll arrive later this year. It’s worth noting that the Freeform app for iPadOS 16 didn’t ship until December 2022, three months after the release of iPadOS 16, so we could be looking at a similar timeline here.

So, for now, users would have to wait and let the secret of the missing app remain a mystery since Apple has not yet given any official statement of it except for saying that it would be available later this year. But who knows, no official date has been given by Apple for the release of this application.

However, we will keep you posted when the official launch date is unveiled.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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