IOS 17.3 Update Causing Issues for Some iPhone Users

Devendra Chande

Apple’s latest iOS 17.3 update is causing problems for some iPhone users, despite providing important security fixes.

Released on January 23, iOS 17.3 patches 16 security vulnerabilities, including one that was actively being exploited. However, users have reported issues with the update including installation problems, boot loops, battery drain, and connectivity issues.

A number of users have complained about installation failures and iPhones getting stuck in boot loops after updating. Others have reported rapid battery drain with background apps consuming much more power.

Problems with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular connections are also cropping up after updating to iOS 17.3. Some users have found their cell signal completely drops until they restart their iPhone.

However, Apple has strongly advised all users update to iOS 17.3 due to the critical security fixes it provides. The update patches a vulnerability in Safari that was being actively exploited.

While iOS 17.3 delivers vital security improvements, the update seems to be plagued by issues for some iPhone users. Users have reported rebooting, resetting network settings, and other basic troubleshooting steps to fix problems.

Despite bugs, Apple recommends updating to iOS 17.3 as soon as possible to protect against cyber attacks targeting the WebKit vulnerability. Users should backup data and proceed with caution with the latest iOS update.

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