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We recently talked about the iPhone 15 series overheating issue, and it seems more in iPhone 15 pro and iPhone 15 pro max models. Apple did address this issue saying that the overheating problems are related to software bugs and not the hardware flaws with the new A17 pro chip or titanium enclosure design. However, to address this issue Apple released iOS 17.0.3 which focuses on addressing the excessive overheating issues in the iPhone 15 series. Let’s have a look at what are the iOS 17.0.3 features apart from the fixes of overheating issue.

IOS 17.0.3 update

If you are updating your device from iOS 17.0.2 to iOS 17.0.3 then the download size is comparatively small, about 345 megabytes. Though it’s a small download size it will still need some storage space, so make sure that your iPhone does not have an extremely low storage space. However, the size of the download also depends on the iPhone model that you are using, and the current software update.

Why Apple released iOS 17.0.3?

Since the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max first launched in late September, users have been complaining across social media, forums, and directly to Apple about the iPhone 15 devices getting uncomfortably warm during normal use. Some users reported such high temperatures that the iPhone would shut down or display warnings about needing to cool down.

Responding to the widespread complaints, Apple has confirmed the overheating issue was related to a software bug rather than a hardware design flaw. The iOS 17.0.3 update specifically targets thermal performance on the iPhone 15 Pro models to prevent the overheating problem from continuing.

IOS 17.0.3 features

First and foremost iOS 17.0.3 address the overheating issue that has been causing the problem since its release. In addition to an iOS bug that was causing the thermal management system to malfunction, Apple says some third party apps were overworking the powerful new A17 Pro chip in the iPhone 15 Pro models, causing excess heat generation.

Apps like Instagram, Uber, and various games were updated by developers in recent weeks to better optimize their performance on the A17 Pro chip. Combined with the iOS 17.0.3 update fixing background thermal management issues, iPhone 15 Pro users should see a major reduction in overheating instances after updating.

iOS 17.0.3 brings two patches for two security issues Apple identified within the software. This alone makes it an important upgrade.The update fixes a kernel vulnerability that could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on a device with elevated privileges. Apple indicated it was aware of the security flaw being actively exploited in the wild on older iOS versions prior to iOS 16.6.

IOS 17.0.3 also fixes performance issues that were caused due to the overheating of the devices. Along with the performance issues, iOS 17.0.3 also fixes severe battery drain, busted Wi-Fi connectivity, UI lag, Bluetooth problems, random reboots, etc.

In short, you need to go and get your device updated to iOS 17.0.3, not for its features but for the fixes of overheating problem.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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