iOS 16 Public Beta Release: How To Download & Install


After Apple showcased the next iOS 16 eco-system at the WWDC June 2022 event, every iOS geek has been waiting to get iOS 16 on iPhone to use all new and unique features. However, Apple landed iOS 16 for developers as a beta. Hence, other users eagerly await the iOS 16 public beta release.

With the help of the iOS 16 public beta, everyone with the compatible iPhones will be able to install iOS 16 and start testing the new features before the official release in the fall of this year. For me, the lock screen customization and new upgraded iMessage feature on iOS 16 are very fruitful, and I cannot wait to test them on my iPhone. Since we are a few days away from the release of the iOS 16 public beta, we will show you how to download and install the iOS 16 public beta on iPhone.

How To Get iOS 16 Public beta

Make sure that you have the backup of your iPhone to avoid accidental loss of your data.

1. Launch Safari and go to

2. Tap Sign in > and enter your Apple ID credentials to log in.

 Note: If you’re a beta tester, enroll your iOS device directly.

3. Tap Accept.

4. Scroll down the iOS tab and tap enroll your iOS device.

5. Scroll down and tap Download profile.

 Tap Allow → Close to confirm the download.

6. Open Settings and tap Profile Downloaded.

7. Tap Install at the top right. Now, enter your device passcode.

8. Tap Install twice.

9. Finally, tap Done. If there’s a popup to Restart, hit it.

10. Launch Settings and tap General.

11. Tap Software Update

12. When the update shows up, click Download and Install.

13. Enter your device passcode, and the iOS 16 public beta will start downloading.

Once you have gone through the above process, you will have the new iOS 16 on your iPhone, and you can start enjoying all the new features of iOS 16 on your iPhone before the official release. 

How to download the iOS 16 Public beta on iPhone?

While installing the iOS 16 public betas on iPhone, you should also keep in your mind that your iPhone has around 5GB of space to get the iOS 16 file and more than 50% battery life to install it without any hesitation. 

What is the release date of the iOS 16 Public beta?

We have not heard the iOS 16 public beta release date’s official release date, but it is expected to release in the first week of July 2022. Hence, you should be ready to get the new iOS 16 on your iPhone. 

Once you have started using iOS 16 on your iPhone, don’t forget to share your feedback about the new iOS 16 update. Also, feel free to share any hidden and unique feature of iOS 16 through the comment section to our other Apple readers.

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