iOS 16 Public Beta Features


Ever since the announcement of the iOS 16 to the public, people have gone berserk about the new features and the line-up of innovation that will make its way to the user’s iPhones. The new iOS 16 public beta has been made accessible to the users and the features are pretty amazing.

We have lined up all the top features that users can look forward to using on a daily basis in their iPhones in the months to come.

Customizable Lock Screen

The first and likely one of the best features that’s worth looking into is the features for customizing the lock screen. The inclusion of multi-layered wallpapers, custom fonts for the date and time is no doubt one of the best options worth looking into.

There are individual widgets for calendar updates, which is quite a fun inclusion as well. Also, the customizable widgets are available for other functionalities like alarm, battery levels, time zones, activity rings, etc.

Also, the integrated lock screen gallery that comes with the new customizable lock screen on iOS 16 comes with a variety of options. There is a live Weather wallpaper available too.

Unsend or Edit a Message

Finally, users have the autonomy to edit or unsend a message they have already sent to someone. Also, messages can be marked as “unread” even after one has opened them on iMessage.

However, there are limitations to this app. The users have a window of 15 minutes to edit or unsend the message, after which it won’t be functional anymore.

The easy way to sort out this particular feature is to long press on the message to find the edit or the undo message option from there.

Full-screen Music Player

Another unique feature that’s a standout in the iOS 16 is the full-screen music player in the screen. There are synced and color-matched wallpaper available in that case too.

The expectation for a full-screen music player has been around since 2010 and looks like Apple is finally giving into the user’s needs and introducing the new feature.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

Users can now create a iCloud shared photo library on the Photos app. Using this will streamline the process of sharing photos with other people, be it friends or family.

With this feature, the user will be able to add up to five people to add, edit or even remove any photos that are shared in the photo gallery.

Games with Nintendo Joy con

Gamers will be able to integrate the Bluetooth gaming controllers on iOS 16, making it one of the most unique and coveted features on iOS 16.

There will be certain compatibility questions. But, the addition of accessibility of the Nintendo Joy-Cons with the existing PS5 DualSense and Xbox Series X controllers is going to streamline gameplay like no other.

Track Apple Pay order

Apple Pay on iOS 16 will come with an integrated tracking option, which is no doubt one of the most unique features that the iPhone users will be able to maximize on. It is through the Wallet app users who have completed their payment via the Apple Pay option.

Also, the tracker will provide the users with an estimated delivery date to intimidate the users when the product is out for delivery.

How many of these unique iOS 16 features from the public beta release are you excited about?

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