IOS 16 Glitches, Bugs, and Issues


Almost every iPhone user has now updated their phone to iOS 16. The Beta version of iOS 16 did contain a lot of glitches and bugs, it was supposed to be that way as it was just a beta version trying to find bugs and correct them before the official version was released. But history does tend to repeat itself. Every iOS software update that was released to the public contained many glitches and bugs in its first version.

The same goes for iOS 16 as well. Though it came with a powerpack performance, its software still has many issues. Apple tried and solved most of the bugs and glitches found in the beta version but when the stable version of iOS 16 was released it still had many issues that need to be solved. I am sure Apple will come up with different versions of iOS 16 and try to solve the glitches, but that is for the coming days. For now let us look at some of the glitches, bugs, and issues that are causing trouble on your iPhone.

IOS 16 Glitches, Bugs, and Issues

  • On iOS 16, there appears to be a scrolling problem. Scrolling isn’t working unless you use two fingers. Many users around the world are experiencing this problem. The bug was first noticed on the iPhone X, and then it spread to other devices.
  • Battery drain is one of the most serious problems, affecting our productivity indirectly. Previous iOS versions had battery drain issues, but they were fixed later. The battery appears to drain much faster on iOS 16 than on previous iOS versions.
  • When you try to update your apps on iOS 16, you will be prompted to accept the terms and conditions. However, if you try to accept them, you will encounter an error. This is a common issue in iOS 16. This error has been reported on Twitter by users all over the world. It is preferable to update the apps first, then upgrade to iOS 16.
  • When some apps, such as Tiktok, Notes, and others, are opened in iOS 16, they crash. This is a common issue in iOS 16. The crash has no specific cause or triggering factor. Simply opening the app causes this problem, and the app crashes.
  • There seems to be a problem or bug that affects all third- party widgets that have been installed. Some widgets are not working and others are malfunctioning as a result of this bug.
  • iOS 16 does not support the Wi-Fi feature. This problem has affected far fewer people worldwide, but it remains a bug. We hope that this problem is resolved as soon as possible. Apple users are extremely irritated, owing primarily to this bug.

That’s it, folks! These are some common bugs and glitches that users are facing worldwide. If you are also having issues similar to those listed above then don’t need to panic, as this is a common issue because of the software update. Apple will soon try to fix the issues with the next version of iOS 16 ie. IOS 16.1.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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