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I feel like since iOS 17 was launched, iOS 16 has taken a backseat and no one is really talking about it. You might have forgotten iOS 16, but Apple still hasn’t. Soon we are going to receive iOS 16.6 to our compatible devices. Well, Apple has already rolled out the iOS 16.6 beta versions, but when is Apple going to release the official version?

It is said that iOS 16.6 will not have any significant improvements or enhancements. IOS 16.5 did come with new emojis and features. on 28th June Apple released iOS 16.6 beta 4 to the public. We got the 4th beta which means that now we will finally receive the official iOS 16.6 update. iOS 16.6 is not expected to have any new features as now the main focus is on iOS 17, iOS 16.6 won’t be having anything major. This update would just be about improvements and fixes of the bugs that were caused because of the previous updates.

IOS 16.6 Release date:

There are many speculations surrounding the release date going around the internet since Apple has not released any official statements about tis release. Apple has not provided an official confirmation, the clues obtained from these sources offer insights into when we can expect the stable version of iOS 16.6 to be made available to the public soon.

Considering the timing of previous iOS updates, the stable version of iOS 16.6 is anticipated to be released sometime in mid-July 2023. Although the specific date remains unknown, there are indications that the official release might occur around 10 AM Pacific time, based on historical patterns observed with previous iOS updates. While the exact details of what iOS 16.6 will offer are not yet known, it is expected to provide further improvements to the overall user experience, and performance enhancements, and potentially introduce new functionalities.

How to install iOS 16.6 software update?

Note that iOS 16.6 is still not released and there is no official date of its release as well. You can save the steps given below for when iOS 16.6 actually releases.

  1. Open the settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the general section.
  3. Select the software update option.
  4. Click on the download and install button.
  5. When prompted enter the passcode.

It is said that iOS 16.6 might be a large update in terms of storage, so it is advisable to clear some space out before installing iOS 16.6 software update. Also make sure to create a backup of your data as well.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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