iOS 16.3 Beta 2 New Features


After the Christmas holidays, Apple is back with its series of beta updates for its users. The last update that we received was iOS 16.3 beta 1, and now Apple has released iOS 16.3 beta 2 to the developer. Currently only the developer’s beta is out, the public beta has not yet been released. We can expect sometime soon in the coming week. Along with iOS 16.3 beta 2, Apple has also released iPadOS 16.3 beta 2, watchOS 9.3 beta 2, macOS 13.2 beta 2, and tvOS 16.3 beta 2. Now coming to the features, iOS 16.3 beta 2 does not have many new features as we expected. Let us dive into iOS 16.3 beta 2 new features and see what Apple has in store for us with this new beta test update.

iOS 16.3 beta 2 new features

iOS 16.3 beta 2 has been released for the developers, but the public beta is yet to be released. The developers have got their hands on iOS 16.3 beta 2, but to our disappointment, there isn’t much we should be expecting for this beta update. According to the sources, iOS 16.3 beta 2 hardly has any new and major features or changes.

This update includes some improvements to the Emergency SOS function for the newest iPhone 14 models, as well as some minor Music tweaks. This updateincludes a modem upgrade, which is intended to enhance connection and call quality, among other things.

. This update also adds Apple’s new Security Keys feature, which will allow you to utilize physical security keys on your iPhone and other devices.Talking about this new feature, we could have the ability to use physical security keys to protect Apple IDs. This feature was already released with iOS 16.3 beta 1 but iOS 16.3 beta 3 just adds a bit more value to this feature.You will have an actual hardware device that you may configure to function as your account’s second tier of two-factor authentication.

Apple maps will also see some notable changes. Apple maps have now upgraded with a new feature that included a parking option. The parking option in Apple maps is only available in a few cities, so users around the world have to wait a little more to get this feature on their iPhone devices.

This change can only be accessible with the iPhone 14 models which support the dynamic island feature. The outline for dynamic island activity on dark wallpaper has been modified further, and the outline is now hardly visible making itborderline more invisible.

Emergency SOS has also some changes, though it is minor. Call with hold and release, call with 5 button presses went through some wording changes in this beta 2 of iOS 16.3. we also have a new option of call quietly, it says that if you start an emergency call using the gesture above warning alarm and flashes will be silenced.

As far as the notes or release, Apple has not given any information, in fact, there are no new release notes listed for this beta version. There are also no new major bugs has been reported so far. Let us see where Apple takes us with this update.

That’s it, folks! These are basically all the features that we recently got our hands on. If you find any other features in iOS 16.3 beta 2, do let us know in the comment box down below.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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