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The never ending series of iOS 16 bug issues and problems seem to not end. Apple has been releasing minor updates to solve the problems that came along with the iOS 16 software update. Now Apple has already released iOS 16.0.1, iOS 16.0.2, and iOS 16.0.3 as minor updates to fix the issues and bugs. and now Apple has released iOS 16.1.1 in order to fix the issues that came with iOS 16.1 software update. IOS 16.1 came in with a lot of new features and updates but along with it brought major connectivity issueswith Wi-Fi, battery drain, live activities issues, and many more. To solve the mistakes done with this update, Apple released iOS 16.1.1 which is known as a fix for the previous update.

iOS 16.1.1 is around 350 to 400 megabytes, it may differ based on which iPhone model you are using. This is a minor update and should mostly fix all the bugs that were caused by the previous update. Luckily iOS 16.1.1 had a much smaller number of issues when it arrived. Mostly all the problems were solved only some issues occurred to a minimum number of people after updating their devices to iOS 16.1.1.

iOS 16.1.1 mostly solved all the issues related to Wi-Fi connectivity and battery drain along with some other security patches, but there are a few reported incidents from the users who have installed iOS 16.1.1 regarding some minor issues while using their iPhones. iPhone user took to the apple forum platform to raise his concern regarding a bug where “sometimes you have to touch the keyboard when two fingers double tapping to display the dictation?”It means that the two finger magic tap is not stopping dictation. Several users have reported this issue happening on their iPhones running the iOS 16.1.1 update.

Mark Tech Space took to Twitter to raise his concern regarding a weird bug, the user said “if you go to settings> your iCloud at the top> payment & shipping …It will launch the Music app first followed by the payment and shipping screen that you initially wanted. Does this every time, despite a hard reboot or other?”Although this incident did not happen to all, it was only reported by some users and after rebooting their devices this issue was solved. But there were still concerns regarding this bug and hopefully, Apple would address this bug in the next update.

According to Apple iOS 16.1.1 was supposed to improve battery life and come with bug fixes and security patches, but ever since the update battery is draining a lot faster than it was on the previous update. Even after trying all the fixes battery drain issue is not solved. This is mostly reported on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series, on iPhone 14 models’the battery drain issue was solved as said by the users themselves.

There was a bug reported regarding the widgets. After updating to iOS 16.1.1, there was on specific widget called the fitness widget that did not show up after the iPhone was updated. After refreshing the device and rebooting it, the fitness widget did not show up on the screen. Rest every other widget was visible except the fitness widget.

On iPhone 14 Pro series it was reported that there was a volume slider bug. While watching a video on YouTube when a user would try to adjust the volume, the volume slider would start to act out differently and the volume would not increase or decrease as you slide the volume slider.

Apart from the volume slider bug, iPhone 14 Pro series also had a bug with iMessages. “When in a conversation with someone in messages, often it’ll boot me out of that conversation and show me a list of messages instead of staying in the conversation I’m in.” this bug was also reported on other iPhone models and not just iPhone 14 Pro series. Every time you were in a conversation thread, iPhone would automatically boot you out of the conversation to the main page on iMessages.

That’s it, folks! These were some of the top reported bugs and issues of iOS 16.1.1. If you came across or experienced any issues other than the one listed above, do report it and let us know in the comment box down below.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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