How To Fix iOS 16.1.1 Battery Drain Issue


Recently, Apple released iOS 16.1.1 for iPhone 8 and later models. A couple of weeks after iOS 16.1 release, the company released another minor upgrade. Apple’s new iOS 16.1.1 update primarily removes to fix some minor bugs and security update. Sadly, some users are battery drain on iOS 16.1.1 update.

Many users who have updated their iPhones to the new iOS 16.1.1 are saying that the update helped them fix the annoying Wifi connectivity issue and many other minor bugs. Still, some geeks have seen iOS 16.1.1 battery drain issue and reported the issue on Twitter and other social media platforms. Thankfully, we have some working methods to improve battery life on iOS 16.1.1.

Methods to Fix Battery Drain on iOS 16.1.1

  1. Recently, Apple has added the new Live Activity feature with iOS 16.1 update. Since Live Activities is enabled by default and shown to the lock screen, it may consume more battery life. If you no need to use this feature, you disable it from Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Live Activities turn off.
  2. If you have an iPhone 14 premium model and running iOS 16.1.1, the Always On Display feature can consume a higher amount of batter life on iPhone.
  3. Turning off the location service will also help improve battery life on iOS 16.1.1 update. If you don’t want to use location service every time, you can turn it off from Settings > Privacy > Location Service > turn toggle off.
  4. Check and disable unwanted background running apps from Settings > General > Background App Refresh.
  5. When you set the brightness to Auto, it will be helpful to save the battery life of your device. It can automatically adjust the brightness of the device and save battery.
  6. After trying the above methods, the last tip we suggest is that users restart iPhones. It will fresh the new iOS 16.1.1 system, clear unwanted junk from the device, and let you fix the battery drain issue on iOS 16.1.1.

These are some working methods to help fix the iOS 16 battery drain issue on iPhone. Do you know any other method to improve batter life? Feel free to share in the comment box.

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