How To iOS 15.7 Jailbreak No Computer?

By Betty

If you own an Apple device, especially an iPhone, be assured that it’s pretty much impossible to jailbreak the device right now with the latest iOS 16 version. Apple has enhanced its security features, preventing jailbreak apps from working efficiently on the respective devices.

That said if you own an iPhone that runs on iOS 15.7 version and you want to jailbreak the device without a computer, there are a handful of ways to do that.

For your convenience and accessibility, we have sorted out all the top jailbreaking software you can check out for iOS 15.7 jailbreak without a computer.

1.      Zeon

When it comes to discussing the most popular, hassle-free, and easy-to-use jailbreak tool, Zeon is one option that doesn’t disappoint. It has been a go-to solution for almost every version of iOS 15, making things a lot simpler to work through.

From enabling you to download third-party apps to changing themes, it allows you to customize your iPhone to your heart’s desire. It features an online jailbreak method, which is available on their website for you to access in no time at all.

This is a risk-free no PC method, which means that you won’t ever have to worry about needing a PC on the side to complete the process.

2.      Palera1n Jailbreak

Considered a compatible iOS 15.7 jailbreak tool, Palera1n Jailbreak is an effective way to customize your iPhone in no time at all. It now works for iOS 15.7.3 as well, which is a bonus.

The only downside to using this software is the extensive work you need to do. You need to additionally download Pogo by Amy using the Trollstore app to be able to use this jailbreak software.

Ideally, we’d recommend this particular tool if you are a tech-savvy person and won’t get confused about the steps involved in the jailbreaking process. It is compatible with all versions of iOS 15 and supports the Sileo package manager.

3.      Xina Jailbreak

Although the first two jailbreak software is quite old and reliable, Xina Jailbreak is a virtual jailbreak tool that has been introduced recently. Instead of needing to download an app separately, the tool works virtually, which comes a lot in handy.

It doesn’t require a PC or a sideload utility, which we think is quite a promising addition to the list of features or reasons why you need this in your life.

4.      Unc0ver Virtual

While we are on the topic of virtual iOS jailbreak tools, Unc0ver Virtual is one of the top options that deserve special mention in the list. It works in jailbreaking your iOS 15.7 device in no time, so you can then customize your iPhone to your heart’s desire.

Don’t confuse Unc0ver Virtual with the standard Unc0ver jailbreak. The latter doesn’t work on devices running on iOS 14.8 and above. What you need to do to be able to use this tool is to download Cydia lite via Unc0ver Virtual and then use that to jailbreak your iOS device.

5.      Cheyote Virtual

Another underrated but functional iOS 15.7 jailbreak tool that deserves special mention in the list is Cheyote Virtual. This is another virtual jailbreak solution that doesn’t require additional PC support and allows you to streamline the jailbreaking process on your iPhone directly.

Once the Cheyote jailbreak process is done, the tool downloads the Sileo manager on your iOS 15.7 device to complete the jailbreaking process.

6.      Checkra1n Virtual

If there’s one iOS jailbreaking tool that deserves a special mention in the list, it has to be Checkra1n Virtual. This one has been around for quite some time now, offering users easy access to all the latest features without any compromise. It is one of the only semi-tethered jailbreak tools for iOS.

What’s great about using this jailbreaking tool is that it jailbreaks your device without putting your device out of warranty, which is often one of the consequences of jailbreaking iOS devices. The jailbreak process is quite simple and uses the DFU method.

7.      Dirty C0w Jailbreak

Don’t get deterred by the name because Dirty C0w Jailbreak is hands down one of the absolute best and most highly functional jailbreaking devices that you won’t regret indulging in. You get to channelize device customization using this jailbreak tool and make the most out of your iOS device.

What’s great is that the tool is a one-stop solution. You don’t have to worry about downloading further sideloading apps like AltStore and Sideloady.

8.      Zylon

Among all the other jailbreak tools, Zylon is an option that’s slightly different in its features and functionalities. It works effortlessly for jailbreaking iOS 15.7 and is a community-based development app, so the user experience isn’t as complicated at all.

Users can download Cydia lite and Sileo lite using Zylon, further streamlining the jailbreaking process. Not just that, compared to all the other jailbreaking tools, Zylon is packed with a lot more features, which is always beneficial. It won’t affect your device’s warranty either.

9.      iBundles

This one is quite an unconventional mention because not one but this website contains a bundle of jailbreaking websites that you can access to sort out your iOS 15.7 jailbreak. There is no need to download any of these tools, which means that almost all of these tools mentioned are virtual jailbreaking tools.

The best part of using this particular jailbreak tool is its convenience. You won’t have to worry about unnecessary ads, bloatware, or malware. Also, its membership service offers up to 5 years warranty, which adds to the overall benefit. The apps are consistently updated too, which is another perk of using this jailbreaking tool.


And, that concludes our list of all the working and popular jailbreaking tools for iOS 15.7 without any compromise. None of these tools require PC support, which means that you won’t have to complain about the usability at all. Also, we have tried to keep a list of app-based and virtual jailbreak tools to make everything a lot more accessible for everyone.

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