iOS 14 Beta 4 New Features You Should Know About


Apple’s new baby iOS 14 considered as the smooth and fantastic update compared to previous updates. Lastly, released iOS 13 was the most disappointing update as there were dozens of bugs found. Considering this worst scenario, Apple dedicatedly worked on its next iOS 14 update to provide a better version than previous updates.

 In June, at the WWDC 2021 event, Apple unveiled its iOS 14 update with some amazing features and smooth performance. It’s been one and a half months since Apple released iOS 14, they landed iOS 14 beta 4 update for all the developers. If you haven’t updated your device to the latest iOS 14 beta 4 and wondering what’s new on iOS 14 beta 4, then here we are going to show. 

What’s new on iOS 14 beta 4?

At the release of iOS 14 in June, Apple showcased the new TV widget on the iOS 14 update. But we have not seen it from the month. But they finally added it to the iOS 14 beta 4. It’s the very fruitful feature which comes with three sizes and lets you start up from where you left and also suggest what to watch next.

Let’s see every iOS 14 beta 4 features point by point:

  • Weather widget returns
  • New TV widget
  • Exposure Notifications support
  • New Exposure Notification section in Settings
  • New Notes welcome screen
  • 3D Touch returns on compatible phones
  • Improved global search
  • Automatic person height detection on latest iPad Pros with LiDAR
  • New icons in Weather app
  • Reminders widget background is grey instead of black in dark mode

If you spot any changes yourself, please let us know via email or on Twitter and we’ll update our list.

If you want to try these features right now on your iPhone, you can download and install iOS 14 beta 4 right now. Once you install the iOS 14 beta 4, you will be able to see all the above features on your iOS device. While using this new iOS 14 beta 4 on your iPhone, if you see any other hidden gem on the iOS 14 beta 4, then please do feel free to share it with us in the comment section. 

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