iOS 13 Three Fingers Gesture – How to use gestures to copy, paste, cut and undo on iPhone and iPad

By Gustavo

Apple brings new three-finger gestures feature to make selecting text easier than ever iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. We know it is really annoying to select text on iPhones and iPad, you have to touch and hold on the text to select and copy then again double tap on the screen where you want to paste it. But now Apple has made it easier with three-finger gestures feature so learn here, how to use the new gestures for cut, copy, paste, undo, and redo on iPhone and iPad running on iOS 13.

iOS 13 is only available as a developer beta, but you can install iOS 13 IPSW if you are a hardcore Apple fan or wait iOS 13 public beta that will be arriving in July. Apple has already warn the users about iOS beta 1 that it is full of bugs and issues so wait for more 15 days is worth. Although beta version can be instable and cause some performance issues and even drain battery very fast.

Earlier App had tried to bring such features but shaking your device to Undo was quite awkward especially on bigger screen devices such iPad. So with iOS 13 and iPadOS Apple is trying to bring a great change with new three-finger gestures. Besides only cut, copy, or paste the text it can also be used to undo, redo, and to find shortcuts,

The three-finger gestures work great on iOS devices with its new option to double-tap and select text on iPhone and iPad.

How to use the gestures for cut, copy, paste, undo, and redo on iPhone and iPad with iOS 13 and iPadOS

To Copy – Three-finger pinch

To Cut – Three-finger double pinch

To Paste – Three-finger pinch out

To Undo – Three-finger swipe left or three-finger double tap

To Redo – Three-finger swipe right

To Bring out Shortcut menu – Three-finger single tap

With this feature you will be able to save any text or making notes very easily. Although, you will have to wait till this fall or until Apple rolls out the final or at least a reliable less buggy iOS 13 Public beta since right now it is only available for Apple developers.

You can tell us how excited you are for this feature to be added with the latest iOS 13. If you happen to know anything new about iOS 13 then you can share with our readers through the comment box.

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