How to install Apple CarPlay on iPhone?

By Betty

When you are driving but still need access to all the important apps to stay connected, Apple CarPlay is your answer to that. Apple prioritizes your safety on the road, which is further streamlined using the Apple CarPlay feature.

However, can you install Apple CarPlay on your iPhone? If yes, what are the steps involved? For those who are confused, the primary function of CarPlay is to take your iPhone’s apps and then project them onto the car’s display. This enables the users to have a hands-free user experience.

When you have CarPlay enabled, it ensures that you can comfortably navigate through calls and texts while keeping your eyes on the road.

If you are confused about how to install Apple CarPlay on your iPhone, this article will sort out all the important information for you to look through.

Which iPhones are compatible with CarPlay?

If you use a very old iPhone model before the launch of the iPhone 5, then CarPlay won’t be compatible with the said device. However, if you own iPhone 5 or above iPhone models, there shouldn’t be any hassle using the CarPlay app at all.

From iPhone 5 to iPhone 14, all the iPhones in between and beyond does and will support the CarPlay feature for a safer driving experience for the users.

CarPlay isn’t compatible with iPads or iPods at the moment and obviously, it won’t work with your Android devices.

How to Connect iPhone to CarPlay?

When it comes to connecting your iPhone to CarPlay for easy integration and usage, there are currently two ways to sort out that process.

The following are the two methods to sort the process out:

  1. Firstly, and probably the easiest way to connect your iPhone to CarPlay is by connecting via a USB cable and lightning port. Once the iPhone is connected to your car’s display, the CarPlay features should pop up if your car supports the said feature.
  2. Secondly, if you own a car that supports wireless CarPlay connectivity, you have to follow the wireless connectivity prompt that shows up on your iPhone. This starts with CarPlay initialization.
  3. The downside to using CarPlay is that Apple doesn’t keep an updated list of the cars that support CarPlay. So, you’d need to go out of your way to do the research before trying to set up the CarPlay feature.

Which iPhone apps are compatible with CarPlay?

The primary objective of CarPlay is to streamline the user experience, especially when it comes to having a safe and hands-free driving experience.

You might not find a standard list of all the iPhone apps that are compatible with CarPlay but more or less all the important apps that you might need to access while driving are compatible with CarPlay.

That includes your phone, contacts, messaging, music or podcast apps, etc. You won’t find streaming apps like Netflix or gaming apps compatible with CarPlay since they cause a distraction while driving.


This is all you need to know about using CarPlay via your iPhone app. You cannot necessarily “install” CarPlay on your iPhone since it’s not necessarily an app but an entire feature. However, connecting your iPhone to the car’s display should sort out the CarPlay features you are looking for.

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