How To Improve iOS 16.3.1 Battery Life


Ever since the new iOS 16.3.1 update landed, users across the world are asking why iOS 16.3.1 drains battery and how to fix it. So, here we have covered every tip to improve the battery life of iOS 16.3.1. However, there is not something new on iOS 16.3.1, but it would be worth it if you want to keep the device updated with the new security patch.

If you are an iPhone user, you might have encountered issues with battery life. In this article, we explore the causes and solutions to the iOS 16.3.1 battery life issue. We provide detailed information on the issue and explain how to fix it.

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Causes of iOS 16.3.1 Battery Life Issue

  • App Updates: If you recently updated your apps, they may be running in the background, draining your battery. Some apps may have bugs that cause them to consume more battery than usual.
  • Background Refresh: If you have enabled background refresh, some apps may be refreshing in the background, consuming more battery power.
  • Location Services: If you have enabled location services for many apps, they may be continuously tracking your location, leading to battery drain.
  • Battery Health: If your iPhone’s battery health is poor, it may not hold a charge for long, leading to a shorter battery life.

Tips to Improve iOS 16.3.1 Battery Life

1.      Turn Off Background App Refresh:

You can turn off the background app refresh for all or selected apps to prevent them from refreshing in the background.

2.      Disable Location Services:

You can disable location services for selected apps to prevent them from tracking your location.

3.      Manage App Updates:

You can manage app updates by only updating the necessary apps or waiting for a stable update to be released.

4.      Battery Health:

You can check your iPhone’s battery health and consider replacing it if it is below 80% capacity.

5.      Adjust Brightness and Low Power Mode

In addition to these solutions, you can also try optimizing your iPhone’s settings, such as reducing the screen brightness and enabling low power mode. By implementing these solutions, you can significantly improve your iPhone’s battery life.


In conclusion, the iOS 16.3.1 battery life issue is a common problem among iPhone users. However, by understanding the causes and solutions to the issue, you can significantly improve your iPhone’s battery life. By implementing the solutions we have provided, you can avoid the frustration of a short battery life and enjoy using your iPhone for longer periods. We hope that this article has been helpful in providing you with the information you need to overcome the iOS 16.3.1 battery life issue.

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