Instagram attracts attention from a number of users. Instagram is a great platform to share pictures and videos with a large audience. Previously you could not zoom into these pictures and videos, but with a recent update, called “zoom in”, you can easily zoom into any picture or video to get a closer look. What’s still a problem is that you cannot zoom into profile pictures of any user. All you can see is that tiny circular thumbnail. This is a road block especially when you are looking for someone particular over the platform through their profile picture.

iOS also does not support the zoom or downloader feature,  by turning on zoom option in accessibility, you can only zoom into the screen, but you still do not get a clear full sized zoomed picture. But do not worry, now you can view and even download profile pictures from a user’s account easily on iOS using the Insta zoom app.

What is Instazoom profile picture downloader for iOS?

Instazoom profile picture downloader for iOS is a third-party application that allows you to view and download any Instagram profile picture in full zoom. You could choose the particular resolution you would want to view and download the picture in. It eradicates the barrier imposed by Instagram and allows you to easily see any user’s profile picture. Now you can easily identify the person from his/her profile picture and filter who you want to follow and whom you do not want to follow. Insta zoom iOS profile picture downloader can easily be downloaded from the iOS app store.

How to download Instagram profile pictures on iPhone using Instazoom app?

Here are certain steps that help you download and view any users profile picture in full zoom using Instazoom app:

Step 1:

Open Instagram and navigate to the profile of the person whose picture you want to download and copy his/her username from their profile.

Step 2:

Now open the app store on your iPhone and download the Insta zoom app from there for free. Instazoom app is one solution to all your Instagram media problems. It helps zoom into profile pictures and even supports download of media from Instagram.

Step 3:

Once downloaded, launch the app on your iOS, and paste the copied username into the search bar on the application.

Step 4:

Instazoom profile picture downloader tool, searches for the profile picture of the mentioned profile and opens it in full zoom and resolution.

Step 5:

Now click on the download button and voila you have the profile picture. you can easily download any user’s profile picture and even view it in its original size.

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