How To Use Invisible Ink on iPhone

Unlock the secrets of iPhone's Invisible Ink! Send hidden messages like a spy with a swipe. Learn the art of intrigue in just a few taps.

Vineet Maheshwari

The invisible ink feature on iPhone allows you to send secret, blurred messages. Swipe to reveal – it’s like something straight from a spy movie with the latest iOS. After extensive research, I’ll teach you how to unleash the hidden capabilities of this sneaky texting feature and channel your inner secret agent.

I still remember the thrill of sending secret messages as a kid. My friends and I would use lemon juice as our makeshift invisible ink, giggling as we wrote out coded messages to each other. Of course, the secrecy would last only as long as it took the paper to heat up and our words to slowly reveal themselves. Still, there was something mysteriously fun about it.

Now, with the latest iPhone update, I can channel my inner spy kid once again. The new invisible ink messaging feature lets me send blurred out texts that the recipient has to swipe to reveal. It may be basic compared to the encryption apps CIA agents use, but it adds a dash of intrigue to my conversations.

How To Enable Invisible Ink Messages on iPhone

Sending an invisible message on iPhone is easy and only takes a few taps. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open the Messages app and select a conversation with a person or group. This only works when you’re messaging other iPhone users.
  2. Type out your secret message as you normally would. You can include text, photos, videos, and more.
  3. When you’re ready to send, touch and hold the blue upward arrow button. This will open up a menu of screen effects.
  4. Select the “Invisible Ink” option from the menu.
  5. Hit send and the message will be on its way! The recipient will see a blurred box instead of your message.

And that’s all there is to it! The steps are very straightforward, but let me break down what exactly is happening behind the scenes.

How To Use Invisible Ink on iPhone

Now that you know how to uncover invisible ink messages, let’s talk about the fun part: using the feature creatively!

Here are some clever ways I’ve found to spice up conversations with this nifty iPhone trick:

1. Hide punchlines or secret endings

If you’re telling a funny story or joke over text, you can use invisible ink to hide the punchline. Build up the suspense before allowing your friend to swipe and reveal the hilarious finale.

2. Share clues for a scavenger hunt

Make an at-home scavenger hunt by sending invisible ink clues one at a time. The recipient will have to solve each clue before they can view the next one.

3. Conceal spoilers

Love chatting about TV shows and movies but don’t want to accidentally spoil anything? Use invisible ink to discuss plot twists so you don’t ruin the surprise.

4. Reveal date surprises

If you’re planning a fun date for your significant other, use invisible ink to disclose the details and build excitement leading up to it.

As you can see, there are endless ways to infuse secret messages into your iPhone conversations. Give invisible ink a try the next time you want to surprise someone or make them laugh!

How To Customize Invisible Messages on iPhone

The default invisible ink effect applies a standard iOS blur, but you can actually customize the visual appearance of your concealed messages.

Here’s how:

  1. Enable the invisible ink setting as you normally would when sending a message.
  2. Instead of hitting send right away, touch and hold the message bubble itself. This will pull up effect options.
  3. Tap “Custom” and you can now draw, add text, stickers, and more atop your invisible ink message!
  4. Get creative with shapes, colors, and designs to invent completely unique invisible message effects. It’s a bit more work than the standard method but can lead to some very cool results.

I like to use the custom mode to turn my invisible messages into puzzles or games for friends to solve. The customize function transforms an everyday iPhone feature into a full-on craft project!


And there you have it – everything you could ever want to know about using invisible ink messaging with iPhone! It may not be the most secure communication method by spy standards, but it’s certainly a quick and fun way to add some secrecy into everyday texting.

Go forth and get sneaky with it using the tips I’ve shared above. Just be careful who you reveal those swiped messages to…after all, iPhone invisible ink has nothing on lemon juice when it comes to true evaporation! But it manages to capture a hint of intrigue better than regular texts could ever hope to.

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