How to Try Apple Vision Pro for Free

Here is an exciting guide on how you can be among the first to try out the Apple Vision Pro without spending a dime.


Apple’s highly anticipated augmented reality glasses, Apple Vision Pro, are finally being released on February 2nd. These revolutionary AR smart glasses promise to transform how we interact with digital content by overlaying virtual elements onto the real world.

While the Apple Vision Pro doesn’t come cheap with a price tag starting at $599, you can experience this cutting-edge device for free by signing up for an in-store demo when it launches. Here is an exciting guide on how you can be among the first to try out the Apple Vision Pro without spending a dime.

Mark Your Calendars

On February 2nd, the big day arrives when Apple Vision Pro demos will be available for free at Apple retail stores. To take advantage of this hands-on opportunity, mark your calendars and be ready to head to your nearest Apple store early.

The demos will begin at 8 AM local time when stores open. However, with limited availability and high demand expected, you’ll want to arrive early to secure your free demo slot. Bring your patience and excitement as you line up with fellow AR enthusiasts to try out this long-awaited innovation.

Pick Your Preferred Apple Store

Apple hasn’t announced which of its over 500 retail stores worldwide will offer Apple Vision Pro demos. Your best bet is to head to a flagship Apple store in a major city for the best chance to participate.

Visit Apple’s website to find stores in your area. Pick the most convenient location so you can arrive early. Check the store’s opening hours – some may open an hour early at 7 AM on launch day.

Act Fast When Doors Open

Once you arrive at the Apple store, look for employees handing out demo tickets. Don’t waste time once doors open – head straight to them. Provide your name and request a demo ticket.

Spaces are sure to fill up fast, so speed and punctuality are key. Don’t linger browsing other products if you want that coveted Apple Vision Pro experience.

Wait For Your Demo Time

With demo ticket in hand, grab some coffee at the Apple Cafe and wait for your allocated demo time. Stores will likely have displays, visuals and employees to hype the product as you wait.

Once your start time comes up, head to the demo station. An Apple expert will provide a quick orientation, fit the Apple Vision Pro onto you properly and start the amazing AR tour.

Enjoy Next Level Augmented Reality

When those Apple Vision Pro smart glasses power on, you’ll be immersed in a whole new augmented world. Spatial graphics, 3D visuals and interactive holograms will spring up around you.

Explore AR games, travel virtually to global landmarks, watch movies on giant virtual screens, video chat with fun effects and more. With hand tracking and voice control, manipulating holograms is magical.

Don’t Forget to Pre-Order

After removing the Apple Vision Pro following an unforgettable short demo, don’t forget to pre-order a pair for yourself. Supplies will likely be limited at launch. Let Apple employees guide you through pre-ordering before leaving.

Trying the Apple Vision Pro for free is a unique opportunity to experience the AR innovation first-hand. Follow the steps in this guide to secure your slot and be amazed at this revolutionary device. The Apple Vision Pro will change how we see and interact with the world around us.

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