How To Take A Picture of a Solar Eclipse With iPhone 2023

Devendra Chande

Whether you are a space geek or a photographer, this year’s annular solar eclipse is the excellent opportunity to capture the best solar eclipse from your iPhone. This year on June 21, the total solar eclipse will occur when then moon passes directly between the Erath and the sun by blocking the sun’s light. So this entire process gives glow the ring of sunlight visible.

As the moon will block the light of the sun, everyone us calling is “ring of fire” and “ring of light”. If you want to capture solar eclipse with your iPhone, then you must know the time of solar eclipse as well as where you can see it. I mean on which place you can get the perfect view of the annular solar eclipse.

The annular eclipse will begin at 12:47 a.m. ET (4:47 UTC) on June 21 and cross a skinny path that starts at sunrise in Africa and eventually moves across to China before ending at sunset over the Pacific Ocean. It will peak at 2:40 a.m. ET (6:40 UTC) and end around 4:32 a.m. ET (8:32 UTC).

The partial eclipse will begin at 11:45 p.m. ET (3:45 UTC) on June 20 and end at 5:34 a.m. ET (9:34 UTC) on June 21.

The people in Africa, the southern Arabian Peninsula, Pakistan, Northern India, and South Central China, Young will be able to enjoy the eclipse. A partial eclipse will be seen over most of Asia, Africa, South and East Europe, northern Australia, and parts of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, he added.

Tips To Take Photo of Solar Eclipse With iPhone

If you don’t want to use any third-party app, then you can use the following methods on your iPhone to capture the perfect solar eclipse.

Out first tips is do not use your flash while capturing solar eclipse from your iPhone. So turn off the flashlight before you go ahead to picture solar eclipse. If the flash is on, it will object will get blacked.

We also suggest you to use a tripod to take a picture of the solar eclipse as it will stabilize your iPhone’s camera and give you the perfect and stable view to capture annular solar eclipse 2021.

You can also use a self-timer so that when you take a picture, it will take a few seconds and then click the picture to avoid vibration and camera shake. It will help when it’s dark outside, and you will have to use slower shutter speed.

If you use the attachment lens, it would be better to take a great shot of eclipse. It can give you the professional camera like photos of the sun.

The solar eclipse event is still 24 hours away from you, so better to practice now.

Along with these tips, you can also use some apps to capture solar eclipse 2021. These apps will give multiple features to take a perfect photo of the solar eclipse from the iPhone.

Best Apps To Capture Solar Eclipse for iOS Devices

  • Solar Eclipse Timer– it will tell the perfect time to event start and more.
  • NightCap Camera This is the best for setting the shutter speed and iSO to get the best exposure.
  • Ultrakam 4K- This will help you take 4K videos and HD photos from iPhone.
  • VSCO It will let you capture in RAW file and edit the image with more customization features.


Well, there were some apps and tips you should consider while taking a picture of the solar eclipse this year. Other than this, if you have any suggestions or apps to capture solar eclipse, then you are free to share them with us in the comment section.

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