How to Set iOS 16 Launcher on Android?

By Betty

If you use an Android but like the UI and UX of an iOS device, you are in the right place. Given the kind of flexibility that iOS offers, it isn’t surprising that users are consistently looking for ways to emulate the look and feel of an iPhone on their Android device.

Wondering how you can set iOS 16 launchers on your Android isn’t that uncommon. Be assured that you aren’t the only person with a similar query.

This article will explore all that you need to know about setting up an iOS 16 launcher on Android in no time at all.

What are the best iOS Launchers for Android?

When it comes to emulating the look of the iOS 16 launcher on your Android, there are a bunch of amazing options available online.

Let us walk you through the best ones:

1.      Launcher iPhone

As the name suggests, Launcher iPhone enables you to switch your boring Android UI to that of an iOS 16 UI.

It is available for free on the Play Store, so all you have to do is download and install it to your Android smartphone and get started. It gives an iOS-like interface, making it feel like you are using an iPhone and not an Android device.

From the layout to the iOS transitions, you get to make the most out of this particular launcher. Not just the home screen, the switch happens with the lock screen and notification center too.

2.      X Launcher: With OS13 Theme

Next up on the list is X Launcher: With OS13 Theme. This one is consistently one of the top 3 iOS launchers for Android, thanks to the amazing features and the responsiveness.

The iOS experience that you get to emulate with this launcher is beyond anyone’s comprehension. Not just that, the app is highly compatible as well, which is another reason why it is such a popular inclusion in the list.

You get access to the Control Centre and even the easy swipe up and down features for accessibility like no other.

3.      Phone 14 Launcher, OS 16

Another free and effective way to set up an iOS 16 launcher on your Android device is by downloading Phone 14 Launcher, OS 16. Besides being fast and responsive, the launcher comes with all the features that are available with iOS 16.

One of the best things about this iOS 16 launcher is the extent of customizations you get to do. You can switch and fix things according to your needs, which is a reason enough for you to check this out for yourself.

The launcher completely transforms the way you feel while using your Android device, which is reason enough to go for it.

4.      Launcher iOS16 – iLauncher

Next up on the list is Launcher iOS16 – iLauncher, which is another free iOS launcher that’s compatible with Android 5.0 and above. It features a stunning iOS UI with a comprehensive user experience that makes you feel like you are using an iPhone instead of an Android.

There is a control center that allows you to access your notifications and then you have the other widgets and features that are exclusive to iOS 16.

Despite being an iOS launcher, what’s great about this launcher is the customization. You get to sort things out based on your personal preferences.

5.      Launcher iOS 16

Another worthy mention in the list is the Launcher iOS 16. If the name wasn’t a giveaway, downloading this launcher completely transforms your Android device into an iOS device.

The launcher works for Android 5.0 and above and is available for free on the Play Store. Coming to the features and functionalities, you get access to the Control Centre, App Library, etc. which are exclusive to an iOS device.

Also, installing this launcher enables you to switch between dark and light themes, which is yet another reason why we’d recommend you check this out.


If you want to switch things up in your otherwise boring Android smartphone, we’d recommend checking out one of these iOS 16 launchers. Installing them transforms your Android UI to that of the latest iOS 16, making things fun and exciting for you to use.

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