How To Send High-Quality Photos and Videos on WhatsApp from iPhone (Without File or Document)

By Betty

Now WhatsApp allows its users an option to send high-quality photos and videos. Let’s find out how to do that from the iPhone.

WhatsApp is by far the best and the most popular messaging application right now. It is easy to share photos and other media files. Sharing photos on WhatsApp is the most popular way to share photos with friends and family.

However, WhatsApp is known to compress photos and videos when we send them to someone, resulting in them into very lower quality. It can be really annoying when you have a brilliant photo that you really want to send to your friends, but it doesn’t send in high-quality.

This blog will show you how to send high-quality photos on WhatsApp from your iPhone without having to transfer the photo files from your iCloud then upload them to WhatsApp.

How To Send High-Quality Photos from WhatsApp From iOS Device Using This Trick

Well, this is not an actual trick since you have to change a few settings in WhatsApp applications, and you will be good to go.

Step #1 – Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone or iPad.

Step #2 – Tap on the “Settings” icon located in the bottom-right corner.

Step #3 – In the second section, you will see “Storage and Data.” Tap on it.

Step #4 – At the bottom, you will see “Media Upload Quality,” select it.

Step #5 – Here, you will see three options, i.e., Auto, Best Quality, and Data Saver.

Step #6 – We recommend selecting ‘Best Quality’ in order to send high-quality videos and photos.

Note: Make sure that you use a Wi-Fi connection or at least a 4G mobile network. Or else, WhatsApp may take forever to send that dance video of your cousin to your family group.

Alternative Method to Send High-Quality Media Files on WhatsApp

In order to send the original media file format, you have to save that video or photo to iCloud. Then, select the attachment icon on WhatsApp and tap on Document.

This will open iCloud, and you will be able to select the file you wish to send.

The file will be sent in its original form. No quality will be lost.

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