How to recover a deleted Whatsapp chat on iPhone


What’s the worst thing that can happen to you? Losing all your data. When we lose our data, we feel like it is gone for good and there is no way of getting it back.

But don’t worry, there are ways to recover deleted whatsapp messages on iPhone or catch a message on Android before they get lost forever! In this post, I will teach you how to catch WhatsApp messages from Google Drive or from an iCloud backup.

How can you lose your messages?

The most common way of losing messages is by accidentally deleting them. If you delete some messages and then backed up, those messages will also be deleted from the backup and won’t be recoverable. Another way of losing your messages is if your phone runs out of storage space and WhatsApp has to delete old messages in order to make room for new ones. And finally, if you want to catch cheating spouse or your phone is lost or stolen, the messages on it will be gone forever.

How to recover whatsapp messages:

Using a third-party app

The next step in recovering a deleted WhatsApp chat on iPhone is to download a third-party app. Most of these apps are free to download and will work on your iPhone without uninstalling the app. You can also use a copy of your iPhone’s backup file. Once you have the backup file, you can start searching for the message you deleted. You will see a date where the last time a backup was taken.

To start the scanning process, connect your phone to a PC. Select the iCloud backup file, then select “restore from backup” in the program’s interface. The scan process can take a few minutes, depending on the amount of data that needs to be recovered. After the scan has completed, you can preview the message you deleted. If you want to see which message was accidentally deleted, you should select “recover from backup” under “scan” in the program’s interface.

To use this program, you will need to have a local backup on your computer. Transferring a local backup to your phone is easy if you have a backup of your phone. Simply open a file manager app on your phone and navigate to your backup. Once you have found your backup, select it and then click “recover” in the lower-right corner. Once the scanning process has finished, your deleted chat will be visible.

Restore Chats deleted from WhatsApp via Cloud Backup

If you cannot find your deleted WhatsApp chat on iPhone, you can restore the backup of your phone. This will restore the message on your iPhone. This will remove all the current data on your device. However, you will have to change the backup settings. After restoring, you will have to delete all the existing files and apps. It is a good idea to backup your iPhone to prevent this from happening.

To recover a deleted WhatsApp chat on iPhone, you must first delete the app. After doing so, you must ensure the backup contains all the data you need to restore the deleted message. Then, use the app to restore the backup. You can also restore the chat history of other apps. You can recover a deleted WhatsApp chat on iPhone through iCloud. You can also retrieve files from your phone’s iCloud Backup.

Restore the deleted WhatsApp chat from the iCloud backup

You can restore the deleted WhatsApp chat from the iCloud backup. It will not affect your iPhone’s current data, but it will erase the deleted chat. The iCloud backup will contain the messages. It is not possible to recover a deleted whatsapp chat from a phone. But you can recover a deleted WhatsApp chat on iPhone by restoring the iCloud backup. You will need to change the settings of your iPhone after restoring the backup.

The first option is to uninstall WhatsApp. This is the only way to recover the deleted messages. You will need to restore the application from iCloud backup to recover the data. If you are unable to access the iCloud backup, you should use a third-party program to retrieve the data. You will need to be logged into WhatsApp to perform the recovery process. It will take a while to restore the deleted chat, but it is possible to get the deleted chat back.

Use iTunes

A third alternative is to use iTunes to restore a deleted WhatsApp chat on iPhone. The problem with this method is that it will overwrite your current data on your phone. Therefore, you should make sure that you backup your iPhone before restoring a deleted WhatsApp chat. If you are using a third-party program, it is better to restore the data first. Then, you can use the other method to restore the deleted chat.


Although it is possible to recover deleted WhatsApp messages, it is a complicated and time-consuming process. If you are not sure how to do it, get in touch with a professional. And always make sure that you are regularly backing up your WhatsApp messages!

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