How to Play Geometry Dash on iOS 17


Geometry Dash is a hugely popular rhythm-based action platform game that was first released in 2013. The game requires players to jump and fly through obstacle courses in sync with background music. While highly addictive, Geometry Dash has run into issues with compatibility on iOS 17 and people are unsure how to play Geometry Dash on iOS 17.

Specifically, Geometry Dash was developed to run on 32-bit operating systems. However, Apple dropped support for 32-bit apps starting with iOS 11. This prevents the game from launching properly on newer iOS versions including the latest iOS 17 update.

Methods To Fix Geometry Dash on iOS 17

If you recently updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 17 only to find Geometry Dash crashing or unable to open, don’t worry. Here are some potential solutions to get Geometry Dash running again on iOS 17:

Update to the Latest Version of Geometry Dash

The first step is to check the App Store to see if there is an iOS 17-compatible update available for Geometry Dash. The developer, RobTop Games, may have already released a fix in a newer version optimized for the latest iOS.

On the App Store listing for Geometry Dash, check the version number shown below the app icon. If a newer version is available, tap ‘Update’ to upgrade Geometry Dash to the latest release. This may resolve any launching issues on iOS 17.

Reinstall Geometry Dash from Scratch

If the app is already up to date, try uninstalling Geometry Dash completely from your iOS device first. To uninstall an app on iPhone or iPad, touch and hold the app icon until it starts jiggling. Then tap the X icon displayed on the Geometry Dash icon to delete it.

After uninstalling, go back to the App Store and redownload and install Geometry Dash again. Reinstalling the app from scratch can clear up any corrupted files that may be preventing it from starting properly.

Reset Advertising Identifier

Resetting the advertising identifier on your iPhone or iPad can potentially help apps connect properly again after an iOS update. To reset the identifier, go to Settings > Privacy > Advertising and tap ‘Reset Advertising Identifier’. Then restart Geometry Dash.

Clear Cache and Saved Data

Inside Geometry Dash, cached files and saved data may also have become outdated and incompatible with newer iOS versions. Clearing them out could get Geometry Dash running smoothly again.

Note this will delete all progress and achievements in Geometry Dash, so only attempt if you are ok with losing game data or have it backed up. To clear the cache and data, delete and reinstall the app as explained above.

Check for Third-Party App Issues

Using unauthorized third-party Geometry Dash apps or installing sideloaded versions can cause technical issues. Make sure Geometry Dash was downloaded directly from the official App Store. Also check if any unauthorized mod or cheating apps are interfering with the real version.

Wait for the Official Compatibility Update

If all else fails, contact the developers at RobTop Games about the compatibility issues with iOS 17. They may be able to provide additional troubleshooting tips. You can also simply wait for Geometry Dash to officially push out an iOS 17 fix in a future title update.

Compatibility fixes take time to develop and test, so be patient. Check the developers’ social channels for updates on an iOS 17 patch. It will likely arrive eventually in Geometry Dash version 2.2.

Consider Downgrading iOS Temporarily

As a last resort, you can downgrade your iPhone or iPad back to iOS 16 to restore Geometry Dash functionality. However, running older iOS versions exposes your device to security risks and is not recommended.

You should only downgrade if absolutely needed for the short term. When possible, revert back to iOS 17 and wait for an official Geometry Dash update. Avoid keeping your device on an outdated, vulnerable OS.

Wrapping Up

Getting Geometry Dash running on iOS 17 may require a combination of updating the app, reinstalling it, clearing data, checking for mod app issues, and waiting for compatibility fixes. Or temporarily downgrading iOS. I hope this article helped you to play Geometry Dash on iOS 17.

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