How To Make Purchase On In-Store And Online With Apple Card on iPhone


With the release of Apple card, the tech giant has made very easier to pay online and in-store with the Apple Card via iPhone. Once you have signed up and added your Apple to iPhone, then you will be able to make online purchase with Apple card on iPhone with just a couple of taps. So, if you have connected Apple Card to iPhone and wondering about doing make some online purchase with it, then here are we are gonna show you how to do it.

Whether you want to purchase or use service like shopping, food bill payment, entertainment, and a lot, you can use Apple’s first Titanium Card – the most secured and transparent card to make all purchase safe. There will be no fees over any purchase. That’s the best things about the Apple Card. Once you started making payment with the Apple Card, you can also analyze you all expense with the colored stored categories on your all different costs.  So, let’s find out how to make an in-store and online purchase with Apple Card.

How To Pay In-Store And Online With Apple Card on iPhone

Note: Make sure that you have activated Apple Card and linked it to your iPhone.

Check out this process to make a purchase in-store with Apple card.

How To Make Purchase in-store with Apple Card on iPhone

Step #1: First of all, look for the Apple PayApple pay or Payment logoApple pay.

Step #2: Next, just double click the side button near the payment device.

Step #3: Now, the third option is Glance to authenticate via Face ID or Fingerprint ID.

Apple pay

Step #4: Now hold the iPhone near the reader.

Step #5: That’s it!

How To Make Purchase Online with Apple Card on iPhone

Step #1: Choose any item online, and you will see “Check out with Apple Pay” logo below the item.

Step #2: Just tap on the Apple Card Pay logo.

Step #3: Next, you need to double click side button to confirm the online purchase.

Step #4: Now, it will scan your Face ID to glance to authenticate the purchase.

Step #5: Done!

That was so easy-peasy. Don’t you think so? If you have already started making payments with the Apple Card, then please share your experience in the comment section. You can also ask any questions about the Apple card. Feel free to drop comments below.

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