How to eject water from Apple Watch?


Apple Watch has been a revolution right from the first day of its launch. They have a huge fan following and can be seen on the wrists of various users. But why are they so popular? They are the device which started a new segment of fitness tracking watches. They have features like, a BP monitor, Heart rate monitor, steps counter and many more. They also have smart features which make them a fantastic companion for an Apple iPhone.

The Apple ecosystem also provides them with various apps that keep them feature reach and capable of multitasking. But what about the security features? The factors that can make them invincible in the real world and keep them ticking even in harsh rainy weather. But rest assured some features safeguard them in such situations. The special features also do help them self-sufficient in case of danger.

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Steps required to eject water from Apple Watch

So now the question arises what can we do in case we drop them in water? How can we eject water from Apple Watch? For such cases, there are water-resistant features in the Apple Watch that can keep them safe in water up to a depth of 50 meters. But cannot make them completely safe from water. In case water gets into your Apple Watch, then you can follow some steps that can assist you in ejecting water from Apple Watch.

Now, the steps are as follows in sequence: –

  1. Open the control panel on your Apple Watch.
  2. Now, select the water drop icon on the Apple Watch screen.
  3. Now a water drop icon will appear on the screen of the Apple Watch.
  4. Now, to eject water from Apple Watch, you need to follow the given instructions and turn the Digital Crown until the screen display’s Unlocked.

Now, the above steps will enable the Apple Watch to play a series of sounds that will force the water out of the Apple Watch.  Once the process is complete, then you can use your Apple Watch as before.


Q 1. What is the cost of the latest Apple Watch?

Ans. The cost of the newest Apple Watch Series 7 is around 40000 rupees for the basic variant. There are different variants for the Apple Watch Series 7, some of which can also provide you with cellular connectivity. The extra features will cost you extra money.

Q 2. Does Apple Watch provide water resistance?

Ans. Yes, the Apple Watch series provide water resistance. There have been cases when people go swimming with their Apple Watch. But it is not recommended as the water can sometimes damage your Apple Watch.

Q 3. What is the allowed depth of water for the Apple Watch Series 7?

Ans. The Apple Watch Series 7 can be dipped in water up to a depth of 50 meters. But it must be done carefully, and they must not be exposed to soap or shampoo as the chemical can damage your Apple Watch Series 7.


The above steps specify the actions that one can perform to eject water from their Apple Watch. These steps will assist you, in case you drop your Apple Watch in the water by mistake.

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