How to download Bondee if not compatible with iPhone & Android


Without a doubt, I must say that Bondee is the new revolution, dominating the App Store and Google Play Store. People are going crazy for the virtual world of the cutting-edge Bondee app. However, many users are still facing a problem, asking how to download Bondee if it’s not compatible

Animal Crossing fans, prepare to be swept away by Bondee, the latest virtual world game from Singapore-based tech firm Metadream. This next-gen social app allows you to craft a 3D avatar that truly represents you, and shares it with friends on Bondee and other social media platforms. Immerse yourself in a world unlike any other and experience the thrill of self-expression like never before.

Since Bondee allows users to invite friends up to 50 and enjoy different activities like camping, swinging, dancing, sailing, and more, more and more users are wishing to download and install the Bondee app.

How to download Bondee if not compatible

If you encounter compatibility or availability issues while trying to download Bondee, try updating your device or using a VPN set to a location in Singapore, Japan, or Malaysia to install the app from the Bondee APK

Since Bondee is available in Southern and North Asia, many users from other parts of the country cannot install the Bondee app. Hence, the user must set the location to any Asian country where the game is available, use the fake number to complete the login process and then start using the app.


To download Bondee if it’s not compatible on iPhone or Android, try updating your device or use a VPN app to set your location to Singapore, Japan, or Malaysia. If the app is not available in your country, set your location to an Asian country where the app is available and use a fake number to complete the login process.

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