How to clean your iPhone and iPad amid the coronavirus outbreak


Do you know the wallet and the smartphone you are carrying in your pocket are some of the dirtiest things we use daily? Even some of us use smartphones in the bathroom and we really never bother to clean the. Most of the people use phone cases and they are more likely to get dirty. All the smartphone companies have their distinctive methods to clean the smartphone. But recently Apple has changed its guidelines about how to clean the iPhone and iPad and how to disinfect them as the coronavirus outbreak is alarming and spreading exponentially across the world.

Medical experts say that COVID-19 is contagious and it can spread if you have direct contact with the infected person or if you touch your face after you have been in contact with a surface contaminated by the virus. People all around the world are taking all the precautions to be safe. All are being advised to wash their hands frequently, avoid public gatherings, traveling abroad, and wearing masks. But one of the usual things that touch our face is a smartphone and we really forget to clean it.

Switches, doorknobs, lift buttons, and such other things can be clean with wet wipes of sanitizing cleaner but you need to be extra cautious while cleaning your smartphone. Before the coronavirus outbreak, most of the smartphone companies advise the users to avoid sprays or disinfecting wet wipes to clean their smartphone as they can damage the coating of the smartphone displays. Apple always suggests cleaning the iPhones and iPad with a damp cloth with water while the latest iPhone 11 series could be cleaned with soapy water using a cloth.

The iPhone maker company now says that iPhone and iPad owners can use a wipe with 70% isopropyl alcohol or a Clorox disinfecting wipe to clean their devices to disinfect. Apple suggests in its new guideline to use wipe gently on the exterior surface of the iPhone and iPad. Apple users were also warned to not use bleach and never submerge the device in any kind of cleaning agent as moistures in any opening of the iPhone can damage it.

Here are the few things iPhone users need to keep in mind while disinfecting the iPhone:

  • Detach your iPhone from all the wired connections and turn off it.
  • Always use a damp (slightly) soft cloth – for example optic cloth. And if any material is unable to clean with this then you can use warm soapy water as well.
  • Never use compressed air and cleaning products.
  • Avoid getting moisture in openings.

Medical organizations across the world are studying the virus and trying to find out how much time this deadly virus can survive on the surfaces. Right now it is being said that it can last hours to days on a surface touched infected body so, cleaning your iPhone along with your hands seems necessary.

So if you clean your phone or not but, now you should start disinfecting it with suggested wipes to prevent infection from novel coronavirus. Even it hadn’t been for coronavirus, you need to clean your iPhone regularly in intervals.

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