How To Add How Many Days Until Halloween Widget On iPhone in iOS 15

By Govind

Everyone has started the preparation for the Halloween 2021 season. While most people order Money Heist or Squid Game costumes, many iPhone users count the days until Halloween. Hence, we will show you how to add how many days until Halloween on the iOS 15 home screen.

Once you follow this guide and add the Halloween Countdown widget on the iOS 15 home screen, you will be updated every day about the remaining days to Halloween 2021. Let’s check out this guide to add the Halloween countdown widget to the iPhone home screen without further ado.

How To Add How Many Days Until Hallow Widget On iPhone in iOS 15

  1. First of launch the App Store on your iPhone.
  2. Search for the “Color Widgets” app in the search box and install it.
  3. After installation, launch the app.
  4. Next, scroll down the “Countdown” widget section and select a new Halloween widget.
  5. Here, you can either tap on “Set Widget” directly use the available design or tap on “Edit Widget” to do come customisation according to your preference. 
  6. In the editing section, you can also change the background colour, background image, font, text on widget, countdown date, and widget style. After all edits, tap “Set Widget”. 
  7. Once your widget is ready, long press anywhere on the home screen to start the jiggle mode and tap on the Plus icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  8. Select a new Halloween widget (Color Widget) from the list. 
  9. Select the size and tap on “Add Widget”.
  10. Now it will show on the home screen; you can drag it anywhere on the home screen as per your choice.

That’s it!

Once you have done these ten steps, you will have the how many days until the Halloween countdown widget to the iPhone home screen. The app also offers paid Halloween apps icons, but you can go with some free Halloween app icons. We have also covered the entire article to make a Spooky Halloween iPhone home screen

Final Words

Did you enjoy the guide and set the Halloween Countdown widgets on iOS 15 home screen? There are other countdown widgets available like Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, and more. You can also set widgets on the iPhone home screen according to the festival or event. If you need more tips to customise the theme of iOS 15, feel free to drop a comment below.

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