How Much Does Apple’s Vision Pro Headset Cost?

Devendra Chande

Apple recently announced their first foray into the augmented and virtual reality space with the Vision Pro headset. This immersive headset combines both AR and VR capabilities into one versatile device. But revolutionary tech often comes at a hefty price – so how much does this futuristic gadget set you back? Let’s break down the pricing and addons for the Vision Pro.

Base Price Starts at $3,499

The Vision Pro goes on sale in early 2024, priced starting at $3,499 USD for the base model. This gets you the headset itself, along with the groundbreaking technology inside, including displays, sensors, and Apple’s new rOS software.

For that base price, you get 256GB of storage built into the headset. The Vision Pro is also available in 512GB and 1TB storage configurations for extra cost.

Prescription Inserts Cost Extra

The headset sells at $3,499 for the standard version designed for users without vision needs. However, Apple also offers additional ZEISS Optical Inserts for those requiring prescriptions or readers.

These custom-designed inserts fit into the headset to accommodate users with glasses. The basic ZEISS Reader Optical Inserts cost an additional $99, while inserts tailored with your exact prescription are $149 more.

So if you wear glasses, your total cost will be closer to $3,600 or more, depending on your vision needs.

Spare Battery and Other Accessories

The Vision Pro comes with a battery rated for up to 2 hours of continuous use per charge. Apple will also sell a Vision Pro Spare Battery for $149, which can be swapped in for extended sessions.

Other optional accessories include a Vision Pro Travel Case to protect it while on the go, priced at $129. And the Vision Pro Light Seal Set for $49 provides extra light blockers for total immersion.

Total Cost Could Reach $4,600

When you add up the maximum storage, prescription inserts, spare battery and travel case, the grand total for a fully kitted-out Vision Pro could approach a whopping $4,600!

Of course, that’s assuming you go all-out with the upgrades. You can still get the base $3,499 model and have access to the core AR/VR capabilities.

But extras like prescription support, more onboard storage, and extended battery life further improve the experience – if you can stomach the added cost.

A Premium Price, but Potentially Worth It

There’s no doubt that nearly $3,500 just for the headset alone is a premium price point. The Vision Pro costs significantly more than popular VR headsets like the Meta Quest Pro ($1,500) or HTC Vive ($1,000).

However, Apple is promising a best-in-class device loaded with custom silicon, a sleek design, and advanced mixed reality features. The expected quality and performance helps justify the lofty pricing.

Early reviews suggest the Vision Pro lives up to its promise and delivers revolutionary AR/VR experiences. While we’ll have to wait for full verdicts once it’s out, the headset does seem to be on the cutting edge.

For diehard Apple fans and early tech adopters, the Vision Pro price tag will be well worth it. Others may want to hold off for now and see how the device is received after launch.

Payment Plans Make It More Affordable

The sticker shock of the Vision Pro may be mitigated somewhat by Apple’s payment plan.

The base $3,499 model can be split into 12 monthly payments of just $291 when you choose financing. This makes the futuristic headset a bit more digestible than having to pay all at once.

There are also options to trade in old devices to get up to $1000 in credit, lowering the overall cost of entry.

So while still an expensive endeavor, Apple does try to ease the burden through flexible payment options.

An Investment in the Future

More than just a nifty gadget, the Vision Pro represents Apple’s first step into a potentially revolutionary new tech category. Like the original iPhone, it provides an early glimpse of transformative possibilities on the horizon.

That’s why hardcore techies see it as a worthwhile investment in the future. Yes, the price is steep, but you’re paying for a piece of history and getting your hands on what could be the next big thing in computing.

As Apple recursively refines the headset in future generations, costs should gradually come down and make the tech more accessible. But for now, being an early adopter of the future comes at a premium.

Overall the Vision Pro certainly isn’t cheap, with all the fixings pushing close to $5,000. But for those eager to dive into mixed reality environments, it just might be worth every penny. The technology landscape could look very different in 5 to 10 years thanks to this headset – and that’s hard to put a price on.

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