How Many Emojis on iOS 16?

Vineet Maheshwari

If you are an emoji kind of person, chances are that you spend a good amount of your time figuring out the best ways to stay on top of your emoji game.

But, with the new iOS 16 update, Apple has also introduced a series of new emojis for users who tend to overcharge their texts with a series of emoticons to express their present mood in the conversation.

Using emojis in your otherwise boring text conversations is great. It adds an element of fun and excitement to the otherwise monotonous thread of texts. Recently, following the launch of iOS 16, a string of new emojis is updated for iOS users.

What are the latest iOS Emojis for 2022?

If you are sitting there wondering what are some of the new emojis that Apple has added with their iOS 16 release in 2022, the following is the list of all the new emojis you can get your hands on.

  1. Heart with hands
  2. Thumb and index finger crossed hand
  3. Right-facing palm down hand
  4. Left-facing palm-up hand
  5. Index finger points toward the user
  6. Kidney beans
  7. Pouring glass
  8. Empty jar
  9. Slide
  10. Wheel
  11. Biting lip
  12. A person wearing a crown
  13. Troll
  14. Left-facing open hand
  15. Right-facing open hand
  16. Life ring
  17. Hamsa
  18. Disco ball
  19. Basket with blue eggs
  20. Crutch
  21. X-Ray
  22. Smiling face holding back tears
  23. Peeking face
  24. Face with hands covering mouth
  25. Half saluting face
  26. Bubbles
  27. ID Card
  28. Empty basket
  29. Coral
  30. Smiling face holding back tears
  31. Peeking face
  32. Face with hands covering mouth
  33. Lotus
  34. Battery low
  35. Solid equals sign
  36. A pregnant person shoulder lengthy hair
  37. A pregnant person with short hair
  38. Half saluting face
  39. Melting face
  40. Dotted outline face

Besides these new updates, there are no new updates around the additional emojis that have come around with iOS 16.

What are the new emoji-related features on iOS 16?

Not only has Apple released a series of new emojis with the iOS 16 update, but they have also introduced a few functional and highly anticipated emoji-related features on iOS 16.

There are two primary ones worth discussing:

  • Happy face emoji. Send.
  • Trippy emoji lock screen wallpaper

How often do you use emojis while texting? If yes, which ones are your favorite emojis on iOS? Let us know in the comments.

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