How Is the iOS 17.3 Battery Life


Apple’s latest iOS update, iOS 17.3, brings some notable changes that impact iPhone battery life. As battery performance is a crucial factor for user experience. So, let’s analyze the iOS 17.3’s power management along with actionable tips to optimize your device’s battery life.

How iOS 17.3 Affects Battery Life

Intelligent Power Optimization

iOS 17.3 introduces advanced background management and low-power technologies to enhance battery efficiency. These features proactively moderate CPU and network usage for inactive apps, reduce display brightness when appropriate, and leverage machine learning to allocate resources optimally.

Initial testing reveals these optimizations can extend battery life by 1-2 hours for average users. Power users and gamers may see slightly less dramatic improvements. However, apps involving constant GPS use, video streaming, or processor-intensive tasks are mostly unaffected.

Revamped Battery Usage Insights

The updated Battery section under Settings provides more granular power consumption data, attributing battery drain to specific apps and system services. This enhanced visibility helps identify any abnormal battery drain more easily.

Users have leveraged these insights to pinpoint troublesome apps running rampant in the background. Restricting background activity for such apps alleviates significant battery drain.

Stability Improvements

Besides optimizations, iOS 17.3 also brings under-the-hood stability enhancements targeted at battery performance. These changes minimize system hiccups, crashes, and anomalies that can indirectly drain the battery quicker.

As the firmware matures further, users can expect more runtime improvements with subsequent 17.x updates.

Real-World Battery Benchmarks

Comprehensive battery drain tests reveal the following runtimes for different iPhone models on iOS 17.3:

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max – 11 hours
  • iPhone 13 Pro – 10 hours
  • iPhone 12 – 8.5 hours

These figures represent a moderate 5-7% increase over the battery life delivered by iOS 17.2.1. The extent of gains depends largely on an individual’s usage patterns.

For instance, iPhone 13 Pro users engaging in processor-intensive workloads may only witness marginal improvements. But those mostly using their devices for web browsing and media consumption can expect more substantial battery life expansion.

Important Tips to Improve Battery Life

Here are some handy tips to squeeze out the most juice from your iPhone’s battery after upgrading to iOS 17.3:

  • Enable Low Power Mode – This restricts background activity, throttles performance, and limits visual effects to prioritize battery life over peak performance. Turn it on via Control Center.
  • Optimize Battery Charging – This feature leverages on-device machine learning to slow charge your iPhone to 80% for prolonged battery health. Enable it under Battery Settings.
  • Reduce Display Brightness – Lowering brightness levels can deliver significant battery savings without compromising visibility. Set Auto-Brightness to fine-tune it accordingly.
  • Disable Unnecessary Background App Refresh – Prevent battery-hungry apps from running in the background unnecessarily. Configure individual preferences under General Settings.
  • Toggle on Dark Mode – The darker scheme stresses the display and GPU less, resulting in power savings. It also makes for a more comfortable viewing experience.


While the battery life improvements in iOS 17.3 may seem modest, the intelligent optimizations and stability changes enhance runtime and user experience substantially.

As Apple issues subsequent updates, users can expect more refinements and bug fixes that translate to better real-world battery life. But for now, iOS 17.3 moves the needle meaningfully in the right direction when it comes to power efficiency.

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