How Durable Is Apple Watch Ultra?


Launched with a claim of being a more “rugged and durable” version of the staple Apple Watch Series 8, the Apple Watch Ultra has created a lot of ruckuses in the market. Is it worth the money? Does it live up to the claims and expectations of the users?

To be fair, upon first looking into the spec sheet of the Apple Watch Ultra, you can’t deny the fact that the model features a more durable and tougher build and construction. However, a popular YouTuber, DC Rainmaker wanted to put the Apple Watch Ultra’s durability to the maximum test.

The YouTubers have now put this brand-new smartwatch through a series of tests to check whether it lives up to the expectations or not.

Following are some of the durability tests done by YouTubers.

How Durable Is Apple Watch Ultra?

  • DC Rainmaker

The first test of the Apple Watch Ultra’s durability started with DC Rainmaker, who wanted to test out the diving capabilities of the smartwatch. Since the model is EN13319 certified, making it water-resistant up to 100 meters, it offers a better depth show as opposed to the other smartwatches released by Apple.

The YouTuber made a makeshift dive situation using a tabletop dive chamber. Paired with the Depth app, the results were predominantly accurate and showed very prominent readings.

When the YouTuber dunked it beyond 100 meters, the app immediately showed the incompatibility message but functioned pretty well up to the 159 feet mark. It went beyond the 144 feet mark, which is higher than the limit that Apple markets the smartwatch with.

  • TechRax

The next durability test on the Apple Watch Ultra was done by TechRax. The first durability test was the drop test, right after unboxing the device.

Following the unboxing process, the YouTuber dropped the brand-new watch on the rough concrete floor from a height. It fell face down on the ground, only sustaining a few minor scratches on the titanium case of the smartwatch.

The second durability test was dropping the Apple Watch Ultra into a jar filled with screws. The YouTuber then closed the lid and shook the device rigorously.

Upon taking out the watch, they found minor scratches on the body of the watch but it functioned normally and without any hassle.

The last and possibly the biggest durability test was with durability. The YouTuber started hitting the watch’s dial using the hammer, starting with soft blows and then ramping it up. The watch stopped working after the 12th hit. But there was no external damage to the body of the smartwatch.


Although these videos managed to bring in a lot of audiences, the outcomes show that Apple has lived up to its claims. The Apple Watch Ultra is everything you need in a durable and tensile smartwatch that’s meant for hiking, adventure sports, etc. With these real-time durability tests, we can suggest that the smartwatch lives up to the expectations and beyond.

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