Granny Horror Multiplayer for iOS

Dive into the horror! Play Granny Horror Multiplayer on iOS, collaborate with friends, evade Granny, and strategize for survival.


Granny Horror Multiplayer brings the intense horror gameplay of Granny to iOS devices in a brand new multiplayer format. Up to 4 players can team up to strategize, solve puzzles, evade traps, and ultimately escape the clutches of the murderous Granny together in this heart-pounding multiplayer survival horror game.

What Is It?

Granny Horror Multiplayer retains the core gameplay loop and horror aesthetic of the original Granny game, but adds the ability to play cooperatively with friends. Players must search the creepy house for keys, tools, and clues while avoiding the ever-vigilant Granny. If she hears or spots you, it’s game over! Teamwork is essential as players take on specific roles like distracting Granny or unlocking doors to facilitate the group’s escape. With randomized item placement every game, no two playthroughs are ever the same. Granny Horror Multiplayer delivers an addictive, social horror experience iOS users won’t soon forget.

Key Features

  • Multiplayer Functionality – Play with up to 4 friends via online multiplayer. Strategize together in real-time to maximize efficiency and improve coordination.
  • Social Experience – Chat with your teammates while hiding from Granny. Share intel on item locations or plan bait and switch diversions.
  • Randomized Environments – Item locations change every game, forcing you to explore and adapt. Granny’s patrol route is also randomized, keeping her behavior unpredictable.
  • Role Assignment – Assume specific roles like “distractor” or “collector” to improve team strategy. Effective role coordination is key!
  • iOS Optimization – Smooth 60FPS performance even on older iOS devices. Intuitive touch controls designed specially for iOS platforms.

Game Modes

Granny Horror Multiplayer features a variety of multiplayer game modes to keep things interesting:

Cooperative Mode

Work together with teammates to explore, collect items, solve puzzles, and ultimately unlock the front door to escape. Strategic coordination using voice chat is encouraged!

Competitive Mode

Race against opposing teams to escape Granny’s house first! Sabotage and subterfuge is encouraged to slow down other teams. The first team to escape wins!

Granny Mode

Take control of Granny herself! Stalk through the house trying to locate and eliminate the player team before they can escape. Use your enhanced senses and deadly weaponry to stop their progress.

Strategies for Escaping Granny

Succeeding in Granny Horror Multiplayer requires skill, coordination, and sound strategy. Here are some tips:

  • Define roles – Assign specific responsibilities like “scout”, “distractor” or “locksmith” to improve efficiency
  • Communicate frequently – Constant voice communication keeps everyone on the same page and aware of dangers
  • Play to strengths – Assess your teammates’ abilities and have them lean into their strengths for the good of the team
  • Use the environment – Create noise diversions with items to lure Granny away from what your team is focused on
  • Have an exit strategy – When grabbing key items, always have an escape route planned in case Granny shows up

Updates & Future Content

The developers have stated Granny Horror Multiplayer is just the beginning. Regular content updates will add new maps, gameplay modes, and cosmetic packs on a monthly basis to provide ongoing variety and evolution. The roadmap includes:

  • New House Maps – Explore all-new creepy environments
  • AI Granny – Play against a computer-controlled Granny with enhanced difficulty
  • Limited-Time Events – Special holiday themed events and unlockable cosmetics
  • Custom Matches – Tailor matches to your playstyle preferences
  • Character Customization – Unlock new character skins and outfits

Final Words

Granny Horror Multiplayer brings the addictive and terrifying Granny formula to iOS with a heavy focus on social gameplay through its online 4 player coop. Exploring the creepy house with friends, assigning roles, and coordinating strategic escapes introduces a whole new dimension to the Granny experience. Regular content updates promise even more variety and evolution in the coming months. If you crave a heart-pounding multiplayer horror game you can play on the go, Granny Horror Multiplayer is the perfect fit for your iOS device.

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