Gift Your Dad Apple Watch on This Father’s Day at a Great Discount

By Betty

Apple watch could be the best gift for this Father’s day to your dad. Father’s day is just around the corner but you don’t need rush too fast to find your father’s day gift that can be extra expensive because dads like their children to be smart, and smartness is getting expensive things at cheaper rates from the market. So we have made a complete list of sites that offer a discount on Apple Watch Series 3 and 4 this Father’s day.

Whether your father loves tech gadgets or not but definitely loves to have a watch on his wrists. This father’s day you can gift your father an Apple Watch at great discount rates from the stores and online stores. Apple Watch could be the best gift as it will keep your dad punctual at meetings, appointments, or on a dinner date with your mother. Not only that if you are concerned about your father’s health then, Apple Watch helps with its health monitoring features and tracks his workout session also. It will also help by alerting him to serious health conditions.

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38mm) – $199

Save $80 (BUY NOW)

This Apple Watch series does not contain ECG or EKG feature from its successor Series 4 but this offers some great heart health features that don’t need the EKG. It will alert its user when it detects low or high heart rates even during inactivity which can help to avoid some serious medical conditions. The design of this watch is much similar to Series 4 with a number of similar specs.

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular, 38mm) – $299

Save $80 (BUY NOW)

The basic features of this watch series are the same as the above-mentioned model but this costs $100 extra for cellular connectivity. With cellular connectivity your dad doesn’t need to carry his iPhone everywhere he can leave it behind and stay connected. Charges of internet connectivity cost extra and it adds to the monthly bill.

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 42mm) – $229

Save $80 (BUY NOW)

If your dad is much more in size just like my dad then, you must consider a bigger size that suits on his wrist. So 42 mm size is also available that cost extra $30 than its 38 mm model.

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular, 42mm) – $229

Save $80 (BUY NOW)

This is a bigger of its 38 mm model and still a great deal since it is available at a great discount.

Apple Watch Series 4 at Discount for Father’s Day

Amazon delivers Apple Watch Series 4 at cheaper rates and with a wide variety of color selections.

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 40mm) – $349

Save $50 (BUY NOW)

Apple Watch Series 4 is an updated version of Series 4 with a bit sleeker and faster performance. It notifies users about irregular or high heart rates which can result in some significant medical conditions. Series 4 has ECG or EKG (electrocardiogram) feature that will alert emergency contacts if the user gets a fall or anything.

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44mm) – $379

Save $50 (BUY NOW)

This is a bigger self of its 40 mm model so if your dad likes a little bigger watches on his hands then this would be the best choice to get your dad as father’s day gift at cheap rated and discount.

What are you waiting for now…

Don’t wait till this offer gets off from the online market. We are definitely sure your dad would like an Apple Watch gifted from his children so get any of the above-mentioned models at discount from the link given above.

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