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It’s no wonder that Wordle has created a buzz since its inception and its popularity is continuously growing. While players have become a fan of this word game and eagerly solve all the puzzles and challenges, they still look for different options that look and feel alike Wordle.

If you are one of them who are searching for new games to add to your collection, continue reading to the end. Here’s the comprehensive guide that will walk you through the 8 best wordle-like games to go. Each of them boasts a quirky edge and is worth giving a try.

A Guide to the 8 best Games Like Wordle for iPhone

Here, we have compiled the 8 best World-like games for iOS users. Keep on scrolling and pick the option that fascinates you the most.

1. Online Lingo

English Lingo is a free online game. In this, the players have to arrange letters to figure out which word it is. It becomes yellow if the letter is in the word but not in the right place; it turns green if it is in the right place.

The players can improve their English by playing online for free. You can play with 5 and 6-letter words by changing the parameters. Lingo impacted Wordle, and Online Lingo is now available. You’ll notice the words as green if they’re in the right spot. You have five chances to make a good impression! So, are you ready?

2. Wordscapes

Wordscapes is an Android and iOS word puzzle game developed by PeopleFun. On both the Google Play Store and the App Store, Wordscapes is counted amongst the top 10 ranked games.

In this, the player must use the letters in the circle at the bottom of the screen to find every word to complete the puzzle. You will be amazed to know that this game was played by approximately 14 million individuals in 2020.

Overall, the game combines Boggle with crossword problems. There are three to seven letters in the ring, depending on the difficulty. Bonus words can be solved to earn extra cash.

3. Spelltower

The next best game to add to your list is none other than Spelltower. As you proceed into the game, additional tiles keep on emerging from the lower end of the display while testing all of your skills and strategic knowledge. It’s game over if any of the letters make it to the top row.

It is available in three different modes, namely – Tower Mode, Daily Tower Mode, and Puzzle Mode. Let’s find out more about them here.

4. Tower mode

There’s no pressure in this mode. Players try to achieve the ultimate score by eliminating short words to create lenghty blockbusters!

5. Daily Tower mode

In this mode, players compete against other players on daily-changing identical towers!

6. Puzzle mode

The puzzle mode requires strategic word discovery. Every phrase you make adds a new row of letters to the puzzle.

7. Typeshift

Zach Gage created TypeShift, a word puzzle video game. It is a word-spelling video game in which the player must slide letters into columns to spell out words (by sliding the columns up and down).

In addition to the usual stages, the game contains “clue” stages. The player gets supplied with clues and letter columns in a clue stage.

The letters in a word turn green as a player forms it. The player’s objective is to turn all the symbols on the stage green. There are also “key” words that, if located, help the player to solve a puzzle rapidly.

8. Babble Royale

Everybody House Games’ James Lantz and Frank Lantz created Babble Royale. It is a free-to-play battle royale video game. On December 15, 2021, Steam published it in early access for Windows and macOS.

This is a strategic multiplayer game that combines fast-paced tactical and strategic action with word-creating skills. In each match, up to 16 players begin as one tile on a gridded board and similarly build English-language words to the Scrabble.

Players can remove each other by connecting their statements to those of their opponents, and a “hot zone” closes in on the board, causing damage to that inside.

  • Quordle

Wordle has to get four times interesting and challenging in Quordle. What’s better, the game is designed on the same principles as before. It means that players in this game too predict five-letter words every day.

It comprises green, yellow, and grey squares that refer to whether players have placed proper letters in the slots. It is also distinct from its predecessor in that it provides players with two gameplay options.

To win at Quordle, though, players must have to predict four five-letter words at the time. Compared to Wordle, which only provides players limited guesses, here, you will get more chances to predict these words. Quordle allows you nine attempts to solve all four characters, with each guess appearing in every four areas.

  • Kitty Letter

Kitty Letter is a competitive word game in which the greatest linguist triumphs. Collect power-ups from dysenteric deer, and stop your crazy cat-collecting neighbor from demolishing your house. You can do this with your enchanted language vortex from the multiverse of limitless vocabulary!

In this online game, you can play with strangers or friends! A single-player campaign with an entirely new story by The Oatmeal. There are no cards, coins, or levels to gather. Just have fun with the game. If you want to, you can earn or buy utterly powerless cosmetics! What else do you need?

  • Sticky terms

Let’s wrap up the list with yet another interesting game – Sticky Terms. The puzzles in Sticky Terms are organized into themed packs like “Yuck,” “Insults,” and “Metaphors,” among others. Letters and sometimes fragments of letters are strewn across the screen at the start of each problem.

It may appear simple, but some stages can be challenging, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the phrases. Because some are glued together (thus the name), you must separate them. The goal is to rotate each piece before placing it next to the others to form a word.

The players will really appreciate how many of the puzzles are elegantly drawn out, with all the lines and curves producing patterns.


Wordle is a brief game on average. Players only have six guesses to form a five-letter word, which may leave some Wordle enthusiasts wanting more.

That’s all for now!! We hope you have enjoyed reading the article. Hardcore Wordle lovers can try out a few word game applications on their iPhones while they wait for the new daily word puzzle to be released. Pick any of the games listed above and enjoy them without getting bored even for a single second.

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