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Android and iOS users have their liking towards the application store. But what makes Android different from iOS is the amazing app it offers for free. Countless apps are available on iOS as well but some of them require the payment to be done.

If you are looking for free movie streaming apps for iOSand wondering whether the point would be reliable and you can have the best entertainment well, this is the right place where you have come up. Before moving on to understand the best of the free apps that you can try out, make sure you understand why chosen free movie apps are recommended.

It does not matter whether it is the iOS or the Android application; often users wonder whether it is fair to choose the free moving streaming app. The fact is, such apps are designed by experts to offer customers like you a better platform to enjoy and entertain. With the huge growth that online streaming media has achieved over the years, it is smart to use movie-based entertainment on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Not many efforts

There are so many online movie streaming apps that are gaining popularity these days. They are made available to you with just one click. Whether you want to watch them while using the internet or download them and watch later is your choice, the fact remains that you can enjoy movie watching with fewer efforts.

  • Less downloading time

Often you may have noticed that it takes quite a lot of time to just download a movie. If you have the internet that works at the standard speed, probably the movie will take more than a half-hour to just download. But with free movie streaming apps, you don’t have to wait for more than 5 minutes. You can simply transfer it on your laptop and enjoy the high-definition screening.

  • Money-saving deal:

One of the biggest reasons why online streaming videos are popular is because users don’t have to pay money. You may have noticed that options like TV cable or even the set-top box need monthly spending to be done. But with the free moving streaming app, you can rest assured that you are using that money simply to get the popcorn and plan weekend parties.

Free moving streaming apps for iOS

Before you go ahead and explore the free movie streaming apps for iOS, make sure you use any of these platforms to a great extent. Gone are those days when you had to watch a movie in the theater or wait for it to arrive on TV. With the finest of the free streaming access from the apps listed below, you can now enjoy a movie of your choice any day.

  • SnagFilms

This movie streaming app comes with a good TV show length and the finest HD quality of the movies. It is not just meant for iPhone users but also users of the iOS device can enjoy it. It offers a wide range of genres to choose from, be it romantic movies or action-packed. Besides, the app advises some recent releases that gained well which probably you were not aware of. So far the app offers more than 5000 movies and feature films with some great documentaries that should not be given a miss. You can enjoy different genres like Spanish, Korean, Africa and even Russian on this single platform.

  • Crackle

Another trending app where you can explore many movies is Crackle. This app works on all iOS-based devices and it doesn’t even need any kind of login. Besides, the search tool is quite simple and it supports even popular mobile devices like gaming consoles and smart TVs that you probably may not have thought of. With an easy to operate interface, you can simply start watching TV shows and movies of your choice. It works on Apple TV, Android, iPhone and even iPad. Next time when you want to enjoy a good movie, you can filter as per the genre and select the one that interests you.

  • Popcornflix

This is another classic app that you must give a try. It is quite popular for the iOS platform. It includes a variety of soap operas and TV shows along with movies to watch for free of course. The best part of using this app is you can download the movie, search for them and even watch it offline without any need for an internet connection. Besides, the app can stay updated on a regular basis to provide its valuable users with the best viewing experience.  It’s time to explore the range of movies which it offers without any charge of subscription to be paid. Another best thing about this app is you don’t have to make an account and log in. It is free in all ways.

  • Vudu

This popular yet free movie streaming app for iOS is best for iPad and iPhone users. You can watch ample free movies from different genres and even TV shows of different languages anytime. You can even stream the videos from any of your iOS gadgets is not just HD quality but in HDX format too. With more than 100,000 titles in different genres, this app is quite trending in the app store these days. So next time if you have some interesting movies to watch, try Vudu for free.


In today’s time, online streaming media has gained quite a lot of potentiality and better growth across the globe as well. With some of the best HD displays and large sizes of the devices like iPad and iPhone, you can now enjoy the finest video quality. All you need to do is choose from the above free movie streaming apps for iOS that can be a good platform to enjoy TV shows and movies. Now get your weekend sorted with popcorn in one hand and headphones in the ear to enjoy the best movies on the app without paying a single penny.

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