How To Fortnite Download On iOS Without App Store

By Betty

Even though everyone’s favorite Fortnite mobile version is restricted from the App Store due to the violation of Apple Policy, people from all over the earth are still searching for a way to get Fortnite on iPhone. Recently, we also saw the Google trend about “Fortnite download iOS without app store 2022”.

However, the Fortnite iOS version is unavailable on the App Store, and still, people are crazy for this battle royale game. This shows how game is popular among the users. Also, we saw the regular trend about how to download Fortnite on iPhone after the ban.

Since the game is so popular, many other developers have started working to bring back Fortnite to iOS devices as fans are keen to get back Fortnite on iPhones.

Thankfully, Xbox and GeForce Now came to help those Fortnite fans eagerly waiting to play Fortnite on iPhone.

However, Fortnite is no longer on the App Store; a legal battle is still going on between Apple and Epic Games. Xbox and GeForce provided the best way to get Fortnite on iPhone. The best thing is you can download Fortnite on IOS without App Store .

No need to jailbreak the device or use any third-party app store to download and install Fortnite on iPhone.

If you also want to download Fortnite on your iPhone without App Store, here we have prepared two working methods to download Fortnite on iOS without App Store.

2 Methods To Get Fortnite On iOS Without App Store

Method #1: Download Fortnite On iOS Using Xbox

  1. Open Safari browser and go to
  2. Next, tap on “PLAY FOR FREE.”
  3. Tap on “GET READY TO PLAY.”
  4. After that, Tap on the Share button at the bottom of the menu and tap Add To Home Screen.
  5. Go to the Home Screen, open it, sign in again with your Microsoft Account and enjoy it.

Method #2: Download Fortnite On iOS Using GeForce Now

  1. Sign in or register to GeForce Now.
  2. A Premium Subscription is not required.
  3. Next, register for Fortnite’s closed beta.
  4. Visit using Safari on your iPhone or iPad.
  5. Next, follow the on-screen directions to create a shortcut for quick access.
  6. It would help if you kept tabs on your inbox for an invite to the limited closed beta.
  7. Now you can play Fortnite again through GeForce Now!

That’s it.

With the help of the above process, you can get Fortnite on your iPhone without using App Store. As the legal war is going on between both companies, we can also expect Fortnite on App Store anytime soon. Till that, you can enjoy Fortnite on your iPhone even after the ban.

Once you have followed the above steps and played the game, don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment box. Feel free to ask for help as well. Stay tuned for more tips and guides.

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