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Vineet Maheshwari

In today’s life, social media has become an integral part of our daily life. More and more people are joining the various social media platforms. Developers of such social media networks also strive to provide innovative features and functions to attract more players. If you are an updated fellow, then you might be familiar with ClubHouse.

What Is ClubHouse?

This is a social network that is primarily focused on the audio, or we say podcast. In simple words, its developers have made sure that the only way you can communicate with others is through your voice. The clubHouse has become an innovative platform in the social media world. However, you should know that this application is only available on iOS devices. Neither the Android version nor the web version is available. However, they are currently working on a version for those users of Android devices. iPhone users have so well received the app that it may expand enough to reach new platforms.

How is ClubHouse Different?

Other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook rely on photos, videos, or text. But ClubHouse has brought the new concept podcast format. The objective of this platform is to offer a platform where people can communicate with each other through audio. Well, it is much different than calling or audio messages.

Many big celebrities like Elon Musk and others have joined various people on the programs available at ClubHouse. These are called rooms here. There are open rooms as well as private rooms. The host and the guest discuss various things while other people can join and listen to them.

How to Download and Discover Rooms on ClubHouse

As we said in the previous section, this is an exclusive application for iOS devices to find in the App Store.

  • Just enter the name of the social network and then select the correct option to download it. At first, it can be quite confusing to use this social network if you are not tech-savvy.
  • The first thing the application offers you is that you give it access to your contacts to search for people within the social network. In addition, it will also do a survey on what topics are of interest to you. This serves to recommend rooms that you may like.
  • Within the application, a large number of Clubs serve to group users who have common interests. It should be noted that the clubs are previously reviewed before their creation, so they cannot be created directly.
  • That is not an application where you can create a post like Facebook or Twitter. The first thing you will see is a list where you will find some conversations that are available. You will see a button with a plus icon at the bottom of the screen by touching this button, and you can create your own room to invite users. Then you can start listening to everything they talk about there. 
  • Later, and as expected, the application will ask you to give it access to your microphone in order to record your conversations. You can choose the microphone icon to mute it at any time. When you join new rooms without being invited, you are likely to join as a listener, without the ability to participate in the conversation.
  • If you have something to say, inside the room, you will get a button to ask. However, there is a possibility that the administrators of the room have disabled it. To identify the admin within the room, you just have to find the person who has a symbol next to him. Below them will be the most prominent participants and the last to join the room.

Note: A user must need an invite from a friend or anybody who is already using ClubHouse. Plus, a person using the ClubHouse must be on your contact list. There are lots of users on Reddit who offer free invites for ClubHouse.

Clubs in Clubhouse

As we said, within the Clubhouse, there are groups or clubs of people who discuss and share interesting topics. It is a set of rooms but with more planning and rules that you must comply with to not be blocked.

Many people do not get used to this new social network format, but they are committed to creating the best possible environment. You can even follow famous people within this application and receive a notification when they are broadcasting.

Since this application is popular in the USA, most rooms are available to target the American audience. However, its popularity will increase the invasion of users worldwide.

Imagine that this social network is as if you joined to talk with your friends at a table, but you have an audience that is listening to you. Of course, you can change the latter by making the room private. Although it can be interesting to hear the opinion on the topic of conversation of other people you do not know.

You can find clubs of all kinds, from advances in science, philosophy, rare diseases to meditation, sports, and music. As long as you have an iPhone and want to share your opinion or listen to others, ClubHouse offers you endless possibilities.

ClubHouse Is Secure | All Conversations Are Secure

If you wonder what happens with the conversations you have in the rooms. None of your conversations are recorded, nor are the audios saved or transcribed to text. However, if any of the rules imposed in the terms and conditions of the application were violated, these audios were saved for further investigation.

You can check all this information by reading the ClubHouse privacy policies. But as long as you obey the application rules, you will have nothing to fear that your privacy will be violated.

Keep in mind that this application is used to share your opinion on topics of interest together with other people. But just as other people listen and respect your opinion, you must also respect that of others always to create the best possible environment. However, if you find that someone is doing offensive and goes beyond giving an opinion, you should report it.

When Will Be ClubHouse Available on Android Devices?

There are speculations on the internet that ClubHouse makers are developing an Android version. The official release date has not been announced yet, but soon we will be able to install this application on our Android devices as well. For now, it is only available for iPhone devices.

The Best Alternatives to ClubHouse

If you are an android user and looking for some similar apps like ClubHouse, then there are a lot of options for you. Here, we have presented some of the top ClubHouse alternatives:

  • Twitter Spaces
  • Instagram Live Rooms
  • Spoon
  • Sterio
  • Riffr

Now it is rumored that Facebook and LinkedIn (LinedIn) are also testing a new app to compete with ClubHouse. Thus, ClubHouse has created a demand for this category in social media, and we will see a significant community on this platform very soon.

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